Interesting Reads – 21st Feb

I guess the most interesting thing I saw or read this week was Rick Santelli’s Tea Party video at CNBC. I must admit that I feel a certain relief that someone has gone ahead and said this out loud on television.  I am sure most of you must have seen this video, but if you haven’t, go ahead and click the play button.

Here are some other great reads from the Blogosphere this week:

1. Understanding the Stimulus Bill by Richer and Slimmer: I laughed myself silly till I realized that this was what was really going on.

2. Fundamental Factors in Determining Investment Return by The Oblivious Investor: This is a post about Payouts and Predictability as two important determinants of Investment Return.

3. Consumer Debt Starts to Drop by Barel Karsen: A post that looks at the first drop in consumer debt in decades.

4. How To Use Stock Screens by The Dividend Guy: The Dividend Guy explains how he uses Stock Screens to help make investment investment decisions.

5.  Are ETFs contracting Mutual Fund – itis by Thicken My Wallet: Thicken My Wallet discusses how ETFs are complicating stuff and layering them with fees.

6. Would You Buy A New iMac Or Fund Your Emergency Fund With Your Tax Returns by The Passive Dad: The title says it all and its a thought, worth a thought.

7. Adjust your Tax Withholding by M is for Money: This post talks about how you can adjust your tax outgo and take steps to get your money upfront rather than get a fat Tax Refund.

8. Obama’s Foreclosure Bailout Plan: Should There Be Help For Homeowners: SVB asks this difficult question and you should read this post (and comments) as it has got some really interesting view points.

9. Blue Ocean Strategy by The Smarter Wallet: This is a very interesting post about Entrepreneurship and a strategy which aims at entering a market in which there is no competition.

10. 2009 Stimulus – Education and Benefits by Cash Money Life: This is a very informative post and talks about the provisions of the stimulus plan.

11. Reward – Risk or Risk – Reward by Old School Value: This post took a little time for sink in and but makes good sense.

12. Counter Intuitive Way of Lowering Your Spending by MoneyNing: MoneyNing talks about a novel way of spending less – snoozing off his wallet.

13. My Lower Tolerance for Corporate Bureaucracy by My Wealth Builder: Just the quote about Yogi Berra at the top at this article makes this worth a read!

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