How to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate for a Passport or Visa?

I had to apply for a PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) recently, and I was surprised at the lack of information about this online even though this is a very important thing without which you can’t get a passport, and some countries don’t issue you a visa.

In this post, I’m going to recount my experience and cover everything that I dealt with and learned about this process.

When do you need a PCC?

You need a PCC when applying for a passport or when applying for visas of certain countries, and while the overall process for this is similar — it is not exactly the same. As a result of this — your experience might be completely different from the experience of someone else whose situation varied only slightly.

Who issues you a PCC?

Usually, PCC is given by the Regional Passport Office of the place that you have resided in the last six months. Location is important because although the PCC is a document issued by the Ministry of External Affairs, it does mention the place it is issued at and many countries require you to get it from the place you have resided in.

This can pose challenges for people who travel for work, and don’t have an address proof in the place they currently live in.

Here is a list of all the documents that they accept as a residence proof:

If you don’t have any of these documents then getting an address proof in the form of a bank statement is your best bet.

You can change your address to your existing one at the bank which is usually a very straightforward process, and then request them to issue a bank statement for the last twelve months. You need to go to the bank to get this because the bank stamps and signs this statement, and that’s what authenticates it. The statement will not work for you if you just download it online; it needs to have the stamp of the bank.

Also, keep in mind that it should be the last twelve months, I didn’t read anywhere that this ought to be the case but they insist on it once you are at the center. The other interesting aspect about this is that the more things you have the better it is. If you have a rental agreement which is not registered, just notarize it and take it with you anyway. If your passport has a local address, but it is different from the one you’re applying for, take a copy of that as well, take a copy of all your official documents, visas that you may have for other countries, marriage certificate etc. Although these documents aren’t mentioned in the list of documents that can be given as proof, I believe they can be used as supporting documents and the staff there likes to get as many of these documents as possible.

Also, this is not written anywhere as well, you need to take your actual passport with you so they can verify that and also provide the stamp on that. This is very important. Something else that isn’t mentioned is that you have to write a letter saying why you need a PCC. This can be a simple typed letter, or even a handwritten letter.

Where do you apply for a PCC?

Go to the Passport Seva website, and take an appointment at a date and center convenient to you. I was getting appointments for the next day at Hyderabad, but I’ve heard from people that sometimes you have to wait a week or more.

When you book the appointment, there is an option to enroll into the SMS service for Rs. 35, I enrolled in that and paid the 35 rupees in cash at the center, and I think this is an important thing to keep in mind, so you keep getting updates on your status.

On the day of the appointment, take a print out of the appointment letter along with your other letters, and reach the center at the time prescribed. I’ve been there thrice now, and I don’t see any benefit of reaching there before time. At the prescribed time, they ask people who have appointments for that time to form a queue and get inside to get a token and I think this is a very simple and efficient way of managing their queue.

There were three zones – A, B and C and three officers who each do part of the process, and there is an electronic board that tells you which counter to go to based on your token number, and there are people who also escort people around counters.

At the first counter, they check the documents, and create a file for you. They ask questions about what other documents you may possibly have, and put everything relevant in that file.

At the second counter, they scan and upload these documents, as well as verify the details you filled online. I had made a mistake in entering my place of birth which they caught and corrected. You are also finger printed, and photographed at this counter.

In the third counter, the officer actually brings up your information on their computer, and it tells them whether there are issues with your case, whether there are no issues, but a physical police verification is required, or if a physical police verification isn’t required altogether.

PCC and PCC Stamp

If a physical police verification is not required altogether then they ask you to go to a counter where the individual takes the PCC letter and puts the stamps on them. He puts three stamps on them:

  1. An endorsement with your application number, and a place to hand-write the country for which the PCC is being issued.
  2. Second is a stamp of the Ministry of External Affairs.
  3. Third is the stamp of the individual authorized to give this clearance.

Not only do they stamp the PCC letter, they stamp a page on your passport as well.

After these stamps are placed, the authorized individual also signs the letter as well as passport page, and you are all set.

It is my understanding that you don’t need physical police verification if you had a verification done from the same place earlier, and it doesn’t matter how long ago that verification took place as long as there are no police records about you after that verification.

Physical Police Verification

If you do need a physical police verification then you are given a receipt number, and a document that you are supposed to take home.

They send an SMS with the name and phone number of the police officer who will come to your house to verify your details. This SMS usually comes the same or the next day, and the police officer comes the subsequent day. It is best to call the officer, and get a tentative idea of when he plans to come visit so you can be available at home when he comes there.

Here again, keep the original proof that you submitted to the passport office ready with you. If you gave a stamped bank statement, get another bank statement out, take a copy of all your documents whether they are listed or not, as well as take a copy of your passport. He will ask for all of these. He will also need signatures of two neighbors so ensure that you have two neighbors who are willing to sign as witness, any two will do, even from the same house.

How long does it take to get PCC after the verification?

This is another important thing to keep in mind — if you’ve been living in your current city for less than a year then the verification takes two to three weeks, but if you have been living in the city for more than a year then the verification is done the next week and then two or three days after that you can go to the Passport Seva Kendra and get your passport stamped and PCC letter issued.

This information is not present anywhere and it isn’t even very clear to me from which form they obtain this information, but the document that the police officer receives from the passport office contains this so make sure when filling the forms you pay attention to this.

This is everything I learned about this process, and while I truly feel the process is a lot better than the one ten years ago, there is no place where it is explained properly so you can be prepared for it. I hope this post helps people who are going to apply for a PCC and if you have any questions, or anything to add to this, please do leave a comment.

281 thoughts on “How to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate for a Passport or Visa?

  1. The PCC processing officer at RPO checks if a PCC exists in the system (probably issued when your passport was issued). Next, if your current address is same as address on passport, then PCC is issued on same dayin a matter of hours. However, PCC process can take upto 5-8 weeks in case the PCC does not exist in their system (e.g.your passport was issued when online pcc process did not exist), OR if your address has changed OR if you have changed addresses in last 6-12 months. The moment RPO sends police verification request to police commissioner office, the entire process becomes unpredictable as police dept is always overburdened with applications.In fact, most police station in my city now have a separate police verification cell, yet there’s a good amount of backlog. Process for police verification for visa purpose is treated same as for new passport, and hence takes same amount of time and documents.

    1. The only difference I experienced was that my current address was in fact different from the address present in the passport but I was still able to get the stamp the same day.

      1. In your case the police verification report already existed in the system (from your passport issue or reissue process). If you have moved within the same city or police station area, they would consider that report to be good for PCC issuance.

        1. Hi, I have a PCC issued to me for a new passport and it is still valid (less than 12 months old) . I need to get a PCC from the RPO but I live in Hubli, so the nearest RPO according in the list is either Bangalore or Goa. I have lived in Hubli all my life so there is no issue of change in address. And, the passport was issued from the RPO in Bangalore. Do I need to go back to that same office or can I apply from another convenient place?

        2. In me and my wife’s case it’s same address but shift from first floor to ground floor and passport was issued just 2 years back. Still police verification is required. It was a religious bias I strongly suspect, as the lady officer who attended my case prevented another officer who was ready to issue it for my wife. Another person who waited with us who had change of address within same city was issued PCC! And he was of same region as the lady officer!! This is psk tambaram, Chennai

      2. Hi Manshu,

        A query for you. Say my permanent address is Kolkata but I am residing in Pune from last 5 months. Can I get the PCC from Pune or I have to get it from Kolkata in that case I would need to travel?

          1. Hi,

            I also have the same query. I applied for the fresh passport. My present address is in Pune. I am staying here from less than a year. My police verification is completed in Pune but my permanent residential address is in MP. For police verification there I sent my father from my behalf (as one police verification is already done in Pune) with all the necessary documents, but the police is asking for me to present there physically just for signing the sheet. Instead of travelling so far do I have any alternative here? Plus I am unable to take leaves now from my office.


            1. You need to have your passport original and photocopies of front and last two pages of ur passport. If your present address is different from permanent address or in passport , you need to give the proof of address from employer, electricity bill, phone bill or nationalised bank pass.

      3. Hi Manshu,
        Was you passport number changed OR address on passport changed because you current address was different than address on passport.

      4. Plz sent me the link of
        “Passport clearance certificate ”
        On 9914854931
        I’ll try and didn’t find any thing

      5. Hi Manshu,
        As of now am living in Pune and my passport done from Jaipur, Rajasthan.
        I have a rental agreement as Pune address proof.
        Request you please guide me how can i get PCC certificate asap as my Visa is in process.
        Please help me out in this am greatful to you.
        Contact details: 8600041258

      6. Hai i have applied for pcc in passport office bangalore , as i am recently married my current address is different from present address but in the same down and i only have marriage certificate as the address proof. ? is it compulsory that i have to get the pcc from passport office can i approach in the local police station? kindly help it out

    2. I got my passport renewed without police verification as I am a senior citizen but since I am migrating to the US I need a PCC. The seva kendra did not issue me one as they said I required verification. But it is 10 days since the verification was done by the police yet the status when I track my application shows that report of verification is pending. What should I do?

    3. Dear Sir,
      I require PCC to get visa, and when I visited Passport office they were asking me Visa, contract letter duly stamp by indian embassy & marriage certificate if married. I tried to convince them by showing the circular of Oman that they require PCC to issue visa. But got rejected. I have approached me-seva and gone through proper channel but that also gone in vein. Approached SP office with an application requesting for PCC to get Visa with all the documents. They also want visa. So, Kindly guide me. It’s since 15 days I am struggling.

      1. Have you got PCC? What documents need to submit to get PCC ? Have to submit any contract copy of employment document?

    4. Hi in my case I resided in city more than 2 years and got my police verification done, but my passport was having address of another city and pcc doesnt exsist in system when passport was issued so i am having status about my pcc that its under review since 4 weeks, can you please help what can i do 🙁

    5. I went to passport seva website and I found other options but I couldn’t find the page to book my appointment.please help I need passport police clearance for visa.Also,can I fill up form for police clearance directly without booking appointment? I’m so confused, been stuck here for month now and my visa process is pending.

  2. hi, i need to know if the address is same as passport do they ask more documents rather than the passport? as it is written in the website: ‘The list of documents provided in the table above is indicative. The decision of APO/RPO shall be considered final’.

  3. My permanent residence is in Kolkata, but I am working in Chennai for past few years and staying in a pg. I do not have any rental agreement neither do I have any official document at this current residence. My bank account also has my permanent address details. Now if i want to change it to the current one, the want me to produce some addressproof which i dont have. So how do I get my bank address get updated. Please reply soon. Its urgent.

  4. Get the bank address updated first, and then go to the bank the next day and get a 12 month statement from the bank. This statement will show your new address, and as absurd as this may sound, this is sufficient for the address proof.

    1. I have few queries.
      1) I have applied for PCC for visa and they sent me back as I don’t have any present address proof ( present address is different than permanent/passport address and also notary agreement they didn’t accept.). Shall I apply again with different credentials with only permanent address. As I am residing in my present address from last 3 weeks.
      2) regarding bank statement, in bank I have my permanent address and to change that address they are asking register agreement and I only have notary agreement.
      3) My bank account is just 6 month old. Even if I get the address changed I can only get 6 month bank statement.

      Please help. Let me know if I can apply freshly with different details i.e. only permanent address details. Or I have to get registered agreement only as bank also asking for it to change my address on passbook. Is there any other option.

  5. i want to know, 1] i have school leaving certificate, but no birth certificate, DOB is before 1989, then do i need to produce proof of place of birth, 2] my present address is different from permanent address, i have no proof of present address, do i need to get pcc from both address.

  6. My police verification done one week back. I applied pcc 20 days back. I havent got any sms yet. My district commissioner office says they altrsdy sent “clear” message to psk an he suggests that i should go durectly with out sms and collect pcc. Can i do thay without sms?

      1. I am also in such a situation. Did u went to PSK directly asking for PCC?..what was their response?. Did u get your PCC done.?..

        Please provide details and what to be done when your verification is done and SMS/mail is not received from PSK?

      2. Hi manshu,
        I have applied for PCC,and visited psk and got a certificate with two stamps,of external affairs and the issuing officer’s at psk,
        What would be the next process

    1. am also in such a situation. Did u went to PSK directly asking for PCC?..what was their response?. Did u get your PCC done.?..

      Please provide details and what to be done when your verification is done and SMS/mail is not received from PSK?

    2. Im also havina same issue regarding this..
      Finaly when did you get your pcc after police verification
      If yes then did you got sms aur directly you went to passport office

  7. Hi.I have switched companies and moved to Bangalore from Mumbai.The new company wants me to make a PCC for visa processing and have been in Bangalore for just around a month. Moreover I am staying in a Paying guest accomodation.Can I get it done in Bangalore ? My PP place of issue is Raipur. Please suggest

  8. Hi,

    My query is as follows:
    My Passport is issued from: Ghaziabad (Issued in 2010)
    My US Visa Interview Location is: New Delhi Embassy
    My Present Address is: Bangalore
    I’m in Bangalore from: 5 years
    PCC Stamped: 22nd Sept

    I had applied to Bangalore PSK (Sai Arcade) and got the PCC Stamped on the very same day (Docs: My Rental Agreement, Company Appointment letter, last three months salary Slips, College Bonafide).

    Now my query is; do I need another PCC from Ghaziabad PSK or I’m good with the one I got from Bangalore PSK. I’m confused cuz my Interview location and Passport address.


    1. hello,

      had you applied online or physically ?? i have passport issued in delhi and currently residing in UP. when i am applying for PCC online. .its showing an error that my current RPO as not same as permanent address ? do you have any idea about it ?

        1. thank you Shyam
          your comments was really helpful.
          booked appointment for Monday.

          when my wife went for pcc, she got on the same day.
          hopefully I get too.

  9. Hi Manshu,

    First of all your article is very informative.
    My query is…if I am not staying at the adress given in passport , and If say am staying there, if they verify again. ( though staying in same city and during 2007 police verification was done when I got my passport)

  10. My permanent residence address is different from the current address. I am staying with my brother and i don’t have any address proofs like rental agreement and bank account to provide.So what should i do now? Please help me…..

  11. Hi,

    I live in delhi and have applied for Australian pr visa. I have taken PCC from delhi police. Is that different from the PCC issued by regional passport office which in my case is Delhi only.
    Appreciate your help. Thanx.

  12. I also applied for PCC through online form. I live in Delhi and came to know about the online application of Police clearance certificate when i was in need of this. So I register my self and with in 21 days i get my clearance certificate through online. I am satisfied with this thanks to state police.

    1. Hi Punit,
      I need to ask some thing if you don’t mind,
      how did you get your PCC online as I cant find rather then filling PCC form and booking appointment, as I’m staying in New Delhi and my home town is in Kolkata, any help will be appreciated thank you.

        1. hi Punit,
          I reside in Gywer hall, Delhi university, north campus. As i have planned to go on a tour to europe, i might need PCC so would you be kind to guide me the procedure. I am tibetan Indian so i dont have passport instead i have identity certificate which is same as travel document provided by the Indian government.


    1. Hi Punit,

      Could you please share sample application for PCC?
      If possible, if you highlight list of document which are require same (Current address is same as Passport Address)

      Anand Somani

  13. I need last 5 year Pcc for applying immigration visa.. last two years I was there in bangalore n presently I stay in dehradun. . Wen i stay in bangalore I stay in hostel. I don’t have any house agreement. Do for applying pcc wat should I do..

  14. I had issued my PCC on 10th April 2015 which is no longer valid as of today. Recently I had visited Czech embassy for to submit my application, I was asked to resubmit the new PCC within next 30 days from application submission date. Note: My Passport is now at embassy, so my query is that Can I have PCC re-issued without Passport. I have outdated passport with me and application provided at embassy stating that I need to submit new PCC within 30 days. Can you please help since there is rarity of PCC knoweldge on internet.


  15. Hi
    My passport issue date is 02/03/2009 & after that I did’nt use i need pcc.i want to know that is a physical verification required or not for me.Also a minor mistake in my address printed on show H.No. 1137 & in place of the street no.6 they print again that can be an issue.

  16. I have applied for passport 3weeks back I gave my permanent address but in police VERIFICATION they are asking 2 nd address proof iam ready to submit address proof in status police VERIFICATION is not clear under review at passport regional office
    I need passport urgently please tell me any solution. It is very urgent I don’t understand what to do

  17. Hi,

    I working in merchant navy, but now I want work in Indian coastal water as a officer, but Indian companies require POLICE CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE, What should I do? I try to submit form online, but there is no column for INDIA. Please suggest me.

  18. Hi,
    while filling the online PCC, we need to fill “Country for which PCC is required” and surprisingly India is not appearing in the drop-down box. I am applying for re-issue of passport. Any suggestions?


  19. Hi…i got married to U.S citizen guy and he filled my dependentvisa from still do i have to get pcc letter ?? And visa is still in process bt i wanted to keep my self ready with papers so while applying pcc letter will i need visa letter copy to show that due to this reason i need pcc letter ??

  20. Hi,

    I need PCC for the last 10 years for canadian visa. I have been residing in banglore for last 7 months,5 years before in hyderabad and before that in kakinada. SO should i get the PCC done in all three places or just one is enough.

    Please help.
    Thank you

    1. If your Current address address and address on Passport is same, you’ll get it on the spot (less than 2 hours). If it’s not, and if there is any chance of adding new details to the existing passport like Spouse name addition or change of address, apply for Passport Renewal in Tatkaal with the above reasons. You’ll get it in 1 day (If your current passport is from vizag, and permanent address is Kakinada, and Aadhar Card also has Kakinada address). And the very next day you can apply for PCC, you’d get it in less than 1 or 2 hrs. No Verification is needed as it’s a new Passport

      1. this kind of PCC says it’s from Govt Of India and the candidate has no criminal records, and that’s it, you need not acquire it from all the places you lived.

  21. I m now Dubai..I need p.c.c from India..when I make my passport it was my rental address I did not change because as usual I don’t require..but now I need p.c.c so how come it’s possible

  22. Hi!
    I am residing at Ahmedabad for the past four and a half months. But, my passport has address of Bhubaneswar where I was there from 2013-june,2015. Now, Regional passport office in ahmedabad has told me to change the address of passport which will need verifications at both places Ahmedabad as well as Bhubaneswar. I have a police verification certificate issued on the basis of four months residential proof from Police station, Ahmedabad, but nobody is willing to legalise it neither home ministry department not passport office. Is there any way out to get PCC ? Please repy! The whole process is sickening!

    1. Hey Riti
      I have got the same situation as yours.
      Did you get your PCC without changing address in passport ? Passport Officer insisted me to change address in passport and make it same as in police verification report.
      I am desperate for your help as I have immigration deadline of this 13th January and have already asked extension twice from Aus immigration.
      Please contact me on 7623052019. You will be my savior.

  23. Hi, I’ve applied for passport in the city I studied and it has got that address as permanent address, although my permanent address isin my hometown which is another city. Apart from these, i’ve been living in another city for more than 3 Years as I’ve been working there. So, I applied for PCC (for immigration) in the current city. Although Police verification has been done after 12 days from the time I visited passport office, I haven’t gotten any update and it’s been 1 year 1 Month. What should I do now? I need PCC for immigration now on urgent basis..please advice…

  24. Hi,

    Your blog and the comments are really very helpful. I need to get a PCC to apply for immigration to Canada. In my case, I have been staying in my current city (Mumbai) for past more than a year (at the same place). I recently (less than 15 days back) got my passport updated (through reissue process) with my current address and addition of spouse name. So, do you think, Police Verification will be required when I apply for PCC (most probably in 2-3 days).

    Thanks in advance!!

    1. Verification will be required but in my opinion they won’t make you do the whole process again. They will just give you the clearance the same day because they have already carried out the verification recently.

      1. Hi Manshu,

        I am currently living in Cochin for the past two years. My passport issue place was Thane and my permanent address is Mumbai. I applied for passport (reissue-expiry within 1 year) today at a psk in kerala and they cleared it without police verification. I’m waiting to apply for PCC from the same PSK once I get the new passport. My question is whether there will be a police verification for PCC or it will be issued on the same day; and whether I need to apply for PCC from my permanent address PO. Thanks in advance

  25. Hi,
    I am applying for an Australian Visitor visa and when do i have to apply for PCC? Is it before lodging the Visa application or after producing the Visa application and wait for any acknowledgement to get the PCC done!
    Please help me someone.

    Thanks in Anticipation.

  26. Hi,
    Thanks for the post. It is very helpful. I was in France for last 15 months now came back to India(September-2015) but soon going to Spain on long stay research VISA so how it will be the police verification for my case? When I had passport, PCC was online so do they stamp on same day when I visit Passport office? any views will be appreciated.

    Thanks & greetings,

  27. hi,
    My passport address,voter ID,Driving License all in same address and my aunty is staying in the place,but i am in chennai, So they ask for my chennai local police verification. i was in chennai for 3 years.

  28. Hi Raj, based on the fact that you’ve got the clearance once on your passport and are now trying to get it again for visa purposes, I believe you’ll get it the same day.

  29. Hi Manshu,

    Your post was really useful ( where I don’t know much info). I have one query on address proof, hope you don’t mind in helping me via your valid comment.

    I can get bank statement as address proof arranged. But regarding rental agreement, mine was expired, but im still staying in the same place, can I still use that as a address proof ? or if I make any new rental agreement and if I submit within two/three days for Pcc verification, will they accept ?


    1. Hello PS,

      The expired rental agreement won’t work but I think there’s a good chance a new one will be accepted because it will contain the correct period that you currently need along with proof of signature from your landlord, I think it’s advisable that you get it notarized as well. Good luck!

  30. Dear Ms. Manshu
    I applied PCC to Kuwait on 30 Dec 2015 at Passport Seva kendra Chennai.
    They said that Police – Physical Verification is needed.
    As im from Pondicherry. I went to the Pondicherry IG (FRRO) office.
    But they state that the document haven’t reached here.
    It’s nearly 7 days.
    Need ur suggestion, when will I be receiving my PCC?

    1. This is a bit strange because the PCC is usually given from the place you live and not the home town, so I am not sure why you’d have to go to Pondicherry. What is the office in Chennai saying? They should have sent you some cops to do the verification.

  31. HI,

    I am looking PCC for a commercial vehicle. I dont have any address proof for my current address in delhi, and I want a delhi no car.
    Can police verification be done on my husband’s passport (which have current address). My name is mentioned on his passport.

  32. Hi,
    Thank you for the nice article

    My questions as follows

    My permanent residence address(Birth Place, Kovvur) is different from the current address(Working Place, Hyderabad). I am staying in hostel and I don’t have any address proofs here. So what should i do now?

    I have a bank account here(hyderabad). Can I get it updated with my hostel address for 12 months?


    I’m going to apply for a fresh passport. What I should put for permanent and Current address fields in the application? and Where do I likely to face police verification?
    Please help me

    1. Hi Kiran,

      To apply for passport do show your present address as Hyderabad and Permanent address as Kovvur.
      The document you require to show hyderabad as present address is atleast a passbook with your photo on it and the present address on it. Since you have been there for an year, just update your passbook and submit the transactions till date. If no transactions in that account lately, just put some money and get it look active. If your passbook has permanent address on it, just visit the bank and ask them to put your local address on it. Trust me this is not that difficult.
      Police verification will be at your present address as you submit in the file that you are here for past 1 year. This is the tough part. Just visit the police station and let them know your whereabouts if you think you may miss them when they come to your place. And do inform your hostel warden about the verification.
      And one advice never hide any details in your application. Penalty is 5000 even if you didnt intend to supress any facts.
      All the best!

  33. Dear sir,
    I need PCC to get appointment from jet Airways currently staying at Mumbai …my PCC valid date expired. So how to renew the PCC through online..pls kindly help me.

  34. Dear sir,
    I need PCC to get appointment from jet Airways. currently staying at Mumbai …my PCC valid date expired. So how to renew the PCC through online..pls kindly help me.

  35. i have applyed pcc at thane dist maharastra by on line . have rcvd shm it is approved but till now i have not rcvd my pcc . pls adv they are sending pcc to our home address or we have to collect from their

  36. i have applyed my pcc by on line and it is approved and confirm by sms on my mob no. . but till today i have not received my pcc from police office .

    pls adv us if they are sending to our home address or we have to collect from their office

  37. hi
    my father is required pcc from oman,
    my father was work oman in 1977 to 11 month and come back to india.
    for oman pcc required document visa stamp in passport copy and
    the passport was misplaced, so how to get pcc from oman.
    no any necessary document for that.

  38. Hi Manshu,

    I got my re-issue passport (For sake of surname and address to Hyderabad change due to my marriage) on 1st February 2016 without any police verification. Now I need PCC for Canadian VISA. Currently I am working in Bangalore and in passport application there is no where inclusion about my job in Bangalore.
    Please suggest from where shall I get PCC? Hyderabad or Bangalore?

    1. I’m of opinion that you should get PCC from Hyderabad.
      I’m hoping your address on passport hasn’t changed. In that case, physical verification wouldn’t be done 9/10 times.
      If they say physical verification is required, take a week off and stay in Hyderabad

      1. Hi Chakradhar,
        Could you please help me with the same situation. I need to apply to get PCC. Currently I am staying in Pune and My passport was issued from Raipur(Chhattisgarh). Please suggest from where shall I get PCC ? Pune or Raipur ?

  39. Hi

    I am very glad to see all the information about pcc here. I am planning to work in Kuwait. As you know that it’s mandatory now. My problem is I have old address in my passport. Earlier I had travelled to Kuwait and i got pcc where I was staying in my old address. But now I am residing in my native place. Please suggest me that I have to change my passport or not. So that if I get pcc directly. I need to go faster.

    1. Hi venkatesh,

      You dont have to make a new passport. Just give the present address details for PCC application. If you are in no way connected to your old address then its better to apply for tatkal passport and get it fast (on your present address). Once this is done, you can get PCC on same day of application.

  40. Hello Friends.

    Could you please take me through the procedure for applying PCC online. Currently I’m staying in US i am not getting anyidea about how to file it and all. Can anyone of you help me please.

    Thank you in advance!

  41. Hey Dugini,

    Since you are in US and you need a PCC I doubt whether you can file it online and get it. You may have to get in contact with Indian embassy there for further information.

    1. Hello Varghese.

      Thank you so much for your reply.

      I have read online that it should be issued only from ur place of birth and place where your passport is issued. Could you please help me further if you got more information on it to get those done from US online .

      Thanks in advance!!

  42. current address has been changed for more than year ..i just applied my pcc from current address from pasport office they gave me token and said me wait for message to collect pcc..i want know the processing time .

  43. Hi,
    I have been born and I’ve lived in Spain for my whole life, now I want to get a spanish passport, and they are asking me for a PCC from India, I do not live un India and I have only come here several times just for vacations, the adress in my passport is Pune, but i’ve never lived there, and my family sold the house many years back, right now Im in India and dont know where to go or to ask. Please help.

    Thank you

  44. Hello to Everyone,
    Please read this details and reply your valuable comments.
    1.My permanent address is in Madurai.
    2.Passport Issued in Coimbatore in 2011 (while my graduation in Coimbatore I applied in Coimbatore PSK and got it).
    3.While applying the passport,I mentioned my Permanent address as “Madurai” and Temporary address as “Coimbatore”
    4.After successful police verification at both “Temporary address” and “Permanent address ” the passport was issued in Coimbatore at 2011 by printing my Temporary address (Coimbatore address) in passport.
    5.After graduation I left Coimbatore by 2012 and working in Madurai (Residing in permanent address) till now(3.5 Years).
    6.Now I got an offer from Kuwait so I need to get PCC from “Madurai PSk”.

    So please advise may I get my PCC in same day or one another police verification is to conduct since I wish to depart as soon as possible

  45. Hi m from kalimpong (Darjeeling) issued my passport from Mumbai that time they don’t need my ration card but now I have to clear my pcc wwhen I was applying they are asking me abt dat is there any solution,

  46. I was looking all over the Internet for any information on the whole process… I need a PCC for the US..I have an appointment at Bangalore psk next week.. I was issued my passport from Bangalore psk about 1 year and 3 months ago as there is no psk at Mysore..I live in Mysore currently.. The address on my passport is also a Mysore address but of the place I lived earlier..meaning I have moved within the same city..police verification was done earlier when I received my passport….do you think I will need a physical police verification again since I moved within the same city?..will a verification from a different police station from the same city earlier matter?..I have so many questions.. Your reply will help me a lot..thank you.

  47. Hi,
    Greetings, I just want to know how to go about getting a pcc for someone who had a residence in the past 10 years back as i have to submit for an immigrant visa.

  48. I got new passport after expiry of first passport. Just 2 months after I got new passport I applied for PCC for travel to Kuwait. My passport address is same as where I leave always. After online PCC application, I went to Thane passport sewa centre & they gave me PCC certificate & also stamped on my passport page with signature. But surprisingly, I also got SMS that police verification application received & process started. Since I got my PCC certificate,, I ignored it. But when I returned from Kuwait after 1 year, I got another letter from passport seva kendra as final reminder asking me to meet officer personally or action will be taken ! I am surprised. This had hsppend last week, so I m now going to visit passport officer with this letter to ask what is the matter. Will u please explain if any of you also have faced same kind of problem?

    1. Dear sharad ji
      Passoort issued 4 months back and i need pcc.. do i get it same day or it waill take time
      Passoort and current address is same

  49. Hello,

    I have a query and it’d be great if you could answer the same. Address mentioned in my passport is the one where my parents reside i.e. Agra. I have been living in Delhi/Gurgaon from quite some time. I stayed in Delhi at uncle’s place and have a fake rent agreement for the same. I shifted to Gurgaon in a pg a few months back. Would it be okay to apply for a PCC with my Delhi rental agreement?

  50. Hi,

    I have applied for PPC in Ahmedabad passport seva Kendra. when I arrived there they asked me to update the passport and add the spouse name as I am married and my passport was of before marriage.
    Now the new passport came and I have booked my date for PCC under the seme previous application
    The Questions is that application was done using my old passport number and now I have my new passport with my wife’s name as they required but the passport number is changed the from the application I have done previously.
    do I need to book another appointment or they will allow me on the details of my old passport number. ?

    Please advise .

  51. Hi I am going to apply to PCC certificate , now i dont have my spouse name added in the passport , would that be an issue , as mentioned above by few folks that they were asked to get a new passport after adding a spouse name?
    I do have in my wife passport my name added and can carry along with it if required.


  52. After online PCC application, I went to mumbai passport sewa centre & they stamped on my passport page with signature but they not give me pcc certificate now what should i do plz help me

  53. I am applying for passport. i gone through police verification but they reject me because i don’t have rent register agreement. I have all address proof, electric bill, HP gas connection, my husband passport, still they not accept me. please reply IS it necessary rent engagement if we have all rest of the address proof document.

  54. I want to change my address in passport from permanent to present address..but I am confused that my all other documents in voters card, aadhar and all the other doc including bank account so I want to know that is it possible to change the address in passport and other doc and if yes then how? Some one please advise.

  55. Hi wanted to know the required documents that are required for pcc for Kuwait country. Does visa copy is compulsory to show.

  56. Hi,

    What documents I have to provide if my passport address and current address is not same.
    Passport Address: Indore
    Current Address: Pune.

    I will go to Pune PSK for PCC. But can you list down the documents I have to submit there.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Hi Tarun,
      Did you get answer for your query ? Could you please help me with the same query. Will notarized agreement work for Current address ?

  57. Hi Guys,

    I had an appointment today at PSK outer ring road Bangalore to obtain my PCC.

    Must say Manshu has brilliantly written the procedure and it happens exactly like that.

    Only thing I would stress on is the documents that you need to carry:
    1) Original and copy of Passport
    2) Address Proof (in case if it different from Passport)
    3) Work Permit of the country that you need PCC for or Offer letter of the company that is hiring you or any VISA approval mail that you have for the travel or PR application submission letter (Basically any document that would support the reason for PCC application)
    4) Hand written or typed letter addressing RPO and stating the reason for applying PCC.

    You have these documents then you are good to go.

    My Address was same as in passport and I got my PCC within hours.

    Hope this helps.. 🙂

    1. Hi Amogh,

      – Could you please share sample application for PCC?
      – Is Work Permit/Offer Letter is mandatory for PCC?
      – Should we have to attach same offer letter to Spouse and Children PCC Application?

      Anand Somani

  58. Hi
    I have applied for immigrant visa to Australia. They will ask for PCC before final decision. My passport was issued from Bangalore though I submitted the application in Mangalore passport application centre as I live in Mangalore..
    Where do I apply for PCC , Mangalore or Bangalore.

  59. hi my query is my passport was issued in the address for faridabad. but i am currently staying in gurgaon harayana since 2012.
    1. my first concern is how can i change the adress in my passport from faridabad to gurgaon?
    2. when i change my adress do i need to get a pcc done as it will be a new pasport

    please help


  60. Hello friends pls advice
    We applied passport in 10 november 2015
    One passport issued on 14 nov 2015 and ither issued 4 dec 2015
    We need to PCC is it issued same day or it will get time
    Passoort and current address is same that is our own house
    Waiting for relpy

  61. Hi

    I need to know that i have to get the police verification done for all the addresses where i stayed for a period of more than 6 months after attaining age of 18 years.
    One address is same as Passport address and two are different – one is of PG from where also i got my police verification done once for Passport and one is out of India as i am on assignment from my company.

    Now i need to know how can i get the Police verification done, as i dont live on my Passport address and PG address from past 2 years.

    Can you suggest me on this please.

  62. Hi,
    I have applied for australian dependent visa as my husband is on work Visa (457) long term visa there. Till now, I haven’t got any request for PCC but as I think that they will ask for PCC. So I don’t have much time for applying for PCC through Passport Office as they are giving appointment of 1 month ahead from now. Can I get the same from District Police Headquarters of the address mentioned in my passport and will it work for me?

    Urgent Reply needed.

  63. Hi,

    What documents I have to provide if my passport address and current address is same.
    Passport Address: Pune.
    Current Address: Pune.

    I will go to Pune PSK for PCC. But Could you list down the documents I have to submit there.

    Urgent request….

    Thanks & Regards,

  64. hai,
    I, jobit shibu would like to drop a query that I am from kerala and the place of issue of my Passport is bangalore which I took when I was a resident over there 6 years ago. I didn’t change the address since then.Now I need a police clearence certificate to go to query is can I get pcc from kerala or do I need to apply for this in bangalore? I am working in gujrat now.I request you to have a look on to this matter and kindly revert…

    thank you,
    Jobit Shibu

  65. Hello All,
    I need to know about FIR report. I lost my passport before 2 months.I am trying to lodge FIR but they are delaying to take action. So do I need PCC for re issue my passport.?

  66. Hi,
    I am living in pune since 2 years and my permanent address is from Kanpur, I have applied for passport but at the time of police verification I wasn’t present on my address, please tell me for how much time the process of Police verification will be valid

  67. My passport was issued from Bhopal, my current passport address is in Banaglore. I have been living / working in Kuwait for last 15 years. What should I do get my PCC, how long will it take ? I am required physically ? How long.. as I cant afford to stay long. Who can help me ?

  68. Hi,
    My passport was issued bhubaneswar and currently I am working in bangalore past 2 years I have bank statement of current address but while I am applying for PCC online there was a error passport issue rpo and current rpo was different
    Can u suggest me I should apply the PCC in the same rpo where my passport has been issued or I can get it from bangalore rpo

  69. Hi, thank you for the informative post. I have a query to ask. I am from nepal and i am living in bangalore from past 12 years. I am applying for a US visa. Can i get a PCC from bangalore?? My passport belongs to nepal only. Is it possible to get a PCC from bangalore? Please help

  70. hi present i am in dubai more than 2 passport from ahmedabad ,india i want p.c. c.from india pls guide me .thanks.

  71. Hi my pssprt is kuwait issued…frm strting itslf…as i waz a kuwait resident aftr my marraige i hv been living in india since 6yrs til nw…nd il b goin bac on a new viza so do i need to issue a new pssprt for pcc…?whts d procedure den…i hv my pssprt record in kuwait indian embassy…

  72. Hi….just wanted to share my experience I had applied for a tatkaal passport (to change my ecr to ecnr status) and got it in three days however I dint receive my PCC on the day of my appointment as my post verification by the local police was not completed hoping to get it please don’t be in the hope that if it’s a new passport u will get PCC on the same day else take an appointment once your post police verification is done….people who have pre verification with a new passport get it on the same day…hope this info helps people

  73. Hi. This is really helpful. Thanks! My question is that my husband was living in Mumbai but shifted to Sydney and returned to Mumbai around 2 months back. But the address on the passport is his hometown address where he hasn’t resided in years. Basically he’s been a complete nomad. How can we go about it and where do we get the clearance? Thanks

  74. i had changed my address . I have back account on this address from 10months only . But im staying here from past 2 years . do i get the passport

  75. This era everyone is taking about stop courrption. Now as we all know that our police is just a special goons under government umbrela. They are the most courrpted and irritating element. With knowing all those information what our government is doing to stop taking bribe for PCC for Passport application. Can we just reject the bribe ? If we really do what these irritating people can do ?

  76. Hi,

    Excellent post. This has been most helpful so far.

    There is one question that I would like to put forth and will be grateful if

  77. Hi,

    Excellent post. This has been most helpful so far.

    There is one question that I would like to put forth and will be grateful if it can be answered soon. My permanent address is in Chennai and I had been working in Mumbai for last 4 years. I recently shifted back to Chennai and now I have apply for a PCC for my next job. Now, I am in a dilemma regarding the place of application. Can I apply for a PCC in Chennai or do I have to go back to Mumbai for this?

  78. Hi all,

    I am basically from Cochin, kerala. My passport issued in 2012 with my permanent residence.

    Since 2014 I am working in Goa. Now I need to arrange PCC for my visa to Malaysia.

    I am staying in a flat which is provided by the company. Bank account is based on company address as it is salary account.

    Now what is the best way to get PCC ASAP?


  79. I applied for the tatkal passport n got that just after 2 days of my appointment in the PSK. The police man for the verification also came on the same day n I also have shown him all the documents of me. What should be the further process plz tell me.

  80. Hi. I have to apply for an Irish visa and will need a police clearance certificate for the same. Please let me know if I can apply online for it. Kindly let me know how to go about it and whether the process is similar to the one for getting the passport issued! Thanks!

  81. i took appointment date for pcc for study in newzealand i wrote employment type as self employed is there any problem on it

  82. hi
    can any one tell me that what happend if i dont attend for police verification and i want to close that file to re apply for other time
    is there any problem will face by not attending the police verification
    please give me reply

  83. i want to know that can i cange the country name in tha pcc form because by mistake i filled wrong country name on the pcc form so i want pcc form with right country so suggest me plzzzz

  84. I got 3 Passports in years 1992,1998 & 2003 I am worked more than 12 years in abroad and recently passport renewal was done in Saudi, I applied PCC , all process over and finally the passport officer need police verification…What a hell.. because passport was issued in Saudi.. Then why government issuing passport in Saudi without police verification….”STUPID SYSTEM”… and one more there is no date about the PCC past three passport was already issued ,For 3 Passports where already issued the police man came to my home and verified.. and got money . everytime 500 Rupess… and not submitted a single report.CULPRETS… Mrs.. Susma sivaraj.. ur PASSPORT dept is full of MONEY BEGGERS….

  85. Hi ,

    I have applied for reissue of passport.After 6 days i got Passport.
    Than Post police verification started.i have given permanent address in passport.But my current address different. Now Police is saying that i live on diffirent address and they are not approving.
    What should i do ?

  86. I re-issued my passport from Kerala, one year and six months back and last 10 months I am leaving in a gulf. Recently I am applying for Canada student Visa. In this case, from where I should get my PCC? Gulf or Kerala passport office?

  87. I re-issued my passport from Kerala, one year and six months back and last 10 months I am leaving in gulf country. Recently I am applying for Canada student Visa. In this case, from where I should get my PCC? Gulf or Kerala passport office?

  88. Hi,
    What is the process, if I want to cancel my earlier ARN for PCC, as there are some mistake in my permanent address. And want to apply a fresh.

    Please suggest.

    Thanks and regards.


  89. Thanks for the post. It is very helpful. I was in Dr Congo -Africa for last 15 months now came back to India(June 2016) but soon going to Qatar on work VISA so how it will be the police verification for my case? When I had passport, PCC was online so do they stamp on same day when I visit Passport office? any views will be appreciated.

  90. Hi,
    I have applied for PCC last year May’ 15 for an address (current residential) which is different to my passport. They have done police verification and issued PCC which took around 1 month.
    Now, i need PCC again (July’2016) for the same address. Please clarify if the police verification will be done again or pcc will be issued on the same day.
    If they will do verification again, we have shifted one month back from that address and so, on the new address, will PCC be goven since we are residing here only since one month. Please reply.

  91. hi
    I selected for Dubai job, but company asked PCC document for issuing VISA.
    is it possible PCC clear without VISA or not?
    and tell me the procedure for PCC, and what documents required for PCC.

    1. PCC is for your country not for Dubai. Go apply in India (In Passport office). You will get on same day if Present is same as Passport address otherwise it will take 1-2 weeks.

  92. Hi Manshu,

    Thanks in advance, your post is very informative. Been looking for long about it. Some questions for my case, I have been asked by my new employer about “Criminal Records from India” for visa processing. Does PCC furnish that? And, Cyberabad Police has a online procedure for the PCC, requires a lot of documents though and bank challan. Will that be helpful for my case?

    here is the link —-

  93. Hi Sir,I got work permit visa for kuwait(shoon 18 visa).currently i am staying in mumbai since 6yrs & i took passport from mumbai(Present add).My native place is kerala(Permanent add).My question is Where i should Apply for PCC?From Mumbai or Kerala.Plz reply.

  94. Hi,
    I’am from Kerala.i got my pcc from here.Now i’am doing my planning to migrate to UK.i got pcc from Kerala.BUT i worked in Madurai ,Tamil nadu for two years from 2012 to 2014.Do the Tamil nadu passport office give me a PCC now.Or one pcc is enough for all over India.

  95. Hi,
    I have my passport issued in hyderabad, and now I am living in my home town. Can I get a PCC in my home town passport office

  96. Hi, i am currently in shanghai, china working in an IT firm. I need to get the work permit of hangzhou city and for that i need PCC from india. Can anyone suggest if My relatives or friend can get the PCC for me . I have made my passport from Hyderabad passport seva kendra .

  97. Thanks for all for writing. I went to passport office in NIZAMABAD, here they have no knowledge about PCC and are telling me to go to SP office as they will issue this. When I visited there they are not giving me the appointment.

  98. Hi,
    I have my passport renewed under tatkal 15 days back. recently I got sms stating that police has submitted adverse report of my current address. I was told as I have stayed less than one year at my current address, therefore adverse report generated.

    Now I need PCC on urgently. Can you please tell does this adverse report have impact on the PCC?

  99. I have applied for a pcc from Mumbai and i have got my appointment for 9 th of August, can i get the pcc on the same day or how many days it requires

  100. Hi,

    I am applying for work permit. On passport my home address is mentioned but I am staying in Pune since last 2 years. I don’t have any rental agreement or any thing which I can present as current address proof..Kindly suggest Can I get pcc on same day if I mentioned my passport address as current? Or any other options

  101. Dear Sir,

    I have applied for PCC Form but my online status is rejected.
    rejected reason is -applicant mentioned address not exist in Govindpuri area
    some mistake in my side iam filled in pcc form address incomplete.

    how to try again same processing fees against PCC .

  102. Hi,

    Is it necessary that I need to carry photo passbook for address proof.
    Or I can carry only bank statement which does not have photo.

    Thanks and Regards

  103. Hi,

    I stayed in UK in 2006 for 2 years,now I want to apply PR for Australia,Canada. Do I need to take pcc from UK as well

  104. hi i have a 498a case pending , but i have got permission from the court to travel for work and visa application . will there b any issues in getting me pcc.

  105. Hi,
    I applied for pcc last month, now finished 1 month steel I didn’t get pcc letter because of police verification not done. So I want to know why this system is very slow in Maharastra. why they don’t have online system for police verification.

  106. Hi Manshu,

    Thanks a lot for this article. I have a doubt, please clarify:

    I work in City A1 & A2 in the past 1year but do not have any address proof as I never needed it till now.
    My permanent address is of city B.
    My passport address is from city C.
    I am thinking that I should go to PSK (passport seva kendra) for city B as I have 2 address proofs there. Will i be able to get PCC???? How ,many weeks will it take if i will be able to get one? if it mentions addresses on it then I will have some problem as my correspondence/current address mentioned in the application is of city A. Will that be an issue? should I or should I not mention that I work/live currently in city A as I might be asked for proofs which I do not have.
    Please guide me.


  107. Hi
    I have my passport reissued for correction in father’s name. My previous passport has a PCC stamped for Belgium which was done 2 months back. Do I need to get a fresh PCC stamped on my new passport also.
    Please share your views.

  108. hi.. i need pcc,my pass port issued from bangalore & renewed in abu dhabhi i am in India right now from last 5 month, can i apply for pcc in manglore pass port office ?pleas let me know

  109. Hi,

    Thanks for this post. I have a question. I have applied online on mahagov online for PCC on 19th sep 2016 for visa for a job based out of china and my passport was issued in last year dec.
    My addresses are same in all the docs then and now. however, i have 2 questions
    1) the address which is mentioned in all the docs is owned by me however, i hv let that out on rent (I can discuss adn have the tenants say that I live there, in case of physical verif) . But, is that okay?
    2) After I filled the application and uploaded all docs on the 19th, the status still shows as pending for local police station as well as CFC. I don’t know how long will this take and I have the offer letter with me which can’t be xtended if this doesn’t happen soon (like, in a month)

    Another question is, Whom should I contact for an update on this? I don’t even know who is the right person or which is the right office where people will know what I am talking about.
    My local police station doesn’t seem to have any idea about this

  110. In nizamabad RPO I went for pcc (for kuwait) original passport and adress proof .
    But they are not accepted they need 1)original visa with translation .
    2) Agreement with indian embassy stamped.
    3) Local insurance .
    This all things are nessesory only for pcc ??? Please advise me .

  111. I had taken PCC back in May 2016. For applying for NZ visa i need a new one. Unfortunately we relocated to new home 3 months back, obviously address changed. I’m struggling to provide address proof. I took a new bank account with this new address but it cant be used.. is there any other way??/

  112. Hi
    I was Apply the passport.
    All documents are clear
    Also phisical police verification clear but, I check to online status, show the painding physical verification.
    Plz tell me what I do

  113. Hi,
    Great article. I also want to get a credit card but cibil score scares me. This is because I have heard that non payment in credit cards due to any reason also lowers down your cibil score. Is that true?

  114. Hey. Thank you so much! This information was extremely helpful. I have been searching the internet for information on PCC and came across this page. I have a question, I have recently booked an appointment with the passport seva and have to go there next week. The website only suggested me to take a copy of my passport and my original passport. However, you have written about a letter as well. Could you please let me know in detail if this letter is important and what am I suppose to mention in it? Thanks in advance.

  115. If any body wishes to apply online for PCC for issuance of Airport entry permit ,then which site he should much time it takes to PCC to be completed and handed over to the applicant

  116. Hi,
    I have an appointment for PCC tomorrow.
    Please let me know if the below documents are enough or any other docs are needed.
    – Passport Original and Photocopies
    – Adhar Original and Photocopies.

    Both Passport and Aadhar have same address.

    Thanks in Advance.

  117. Hi
    I had applied for my daughter’s passport under the tatkal scheme in 2007 when she was just 15 months old. I got her passport and shifted to Bangalore in about 15 days time. I was not aware that a police verification is required for a minor.
    After five years in Feb 2012, I got her passport renewed in Hyderabad again under the tatkal scheme based on a stamped and signed bank statement from ICICI Bank. The passport officer in Hyderabad informed us that the Police Verification report was pending on the earlier passport. He asked me to given a hand written letter explaining why I had to shift from Gurgaon and based on that letter renewed the passport. I was in Hyderabad till August 2014 and there was no police verification done during that period. I thought that since it is a passport of the minor and both her parents are holding valid passports, PVR may not be a requirement
    Now currently I am residing in Muscat and have submitted the passport for renewal again at my Gurgaon address which is my permanent address. It is a change of address from Hyderabad to Gurgaon.
    Since almost twenty days had lapsed and I had got no response from the passport office in Muscat, I went to meet the passport officer in the Indian Embassy in Muscat. I was very surprised when he informed me that the system was showing police verification report (PVR) not clear for her passport.
    He told me the process which seems quite lengthy and complicated. he informed that they have sent a request to the Hyderabad passport office for clearance as PVR was not clear. He then informed me that since it is change of address, the passport office in Hyderabad could refer the matter to the Delhi passport office for PVR. So I have to wait for updates.
    He however told me that in case there is a substantial delay he would issue a short expiry passport for two years and then I would have to visit Delhi to get the PVR cleared
    I want to understand the process to get the PVR cleared from the Delhi passport office. I have bank statements as proof and the original conveyance deed of the Gurgaon address. Is PVR clearance process the same as getting the PCC
    Thanks for reading my query patiently.
    Best Regards

  118. I went for PCC yesterday in Hyderabad and got it in Just half hour.
    It was very quick. My present address and Passport address was same.

  119. I want to get my PCC for US visa but at present I m in Mumbai with my brother but I don’t hold any document of my name in Mumbai n my passport is issued in Sultanpur Lucknow office. And I so give me sum quick process. To obtain my PCC

  120. Hi Manshu, thanks a lot for sharing your experience. Do you know if there is any alternate option available if the applicant doesn’t have their passport with them currently?

  121. I needed P.C.C. for migration purposes. From my experience I can say that, if you have a passport on which Police verification is done, you will get PCC within 2 hrs.
    But if you have a passport on which PCC has not been done for ex reissue, tatkal etc, first your PCC will be done then, you will get an SMS to collect PCC.
    Message me for address change info.

    1. Hi ,
      I also need PCC for immigration. My passport was reissued on my old house which I still own. But I have moved to new house where I will like to get PCC being issued. Will my passport number be changed if my present address is not same as on my current passport?

  122. I renewed my passport in Hyderabad – March 2016 with an old address on it. I had police verification for the first time in 2006 year. We are not staying there. I have moved to Bangalore 9 months ago. I have broadband connection on my name here in bnglr. I have to get the PCC for Canada immigration. I am confused which PSK to apply for the PCC.
    should I go to Hyderabad and continue telling them that I m still residing at my old address or do I need to give my correct address of bnglr. If I bnglr address how many days would it take to get the PCC ?

  123. i applied for pcc for employment purpose in chennai. but i am not joining that company which asked that certificate .i paid 1000 rs in demand draft for getting this .now i want to know how i can get the refund amt. pls help .i am in trouble.

  124. Hi!
    I have a ques. I have applied for visa for Canada. I am in Delhi since birth but for 2 years I went to Chandigarh for my studies and stayed in the hostel. I came bck to delhi again and it’s been 2 years here. I have submitted PCC issued by PSK, Delhi. Do I have to get it from Chandigarh as well???? Bcz they are asking for PCC from each country/state. PSK says it covers all states in India


    Hello friends, little different situation in my case and requesting suggestion from the knowledgable people.

    – Applied for PCC for visa purpose with my current Passport (issued in Dhaka)
    – As my current passport is running out of pages (only 3/4 pages left), I plan to get the passport REISSUED, but then I would have to apply for the PCC again as anyways I need it for visa purpose.

    My Question is:
    1) If I apply for REISSUE of Passport on TATKAL (considering police verification is clear on current passport), will they do the Police Verification again on POST basis?
    2) After having REISSUED passport, if I apply for the PCC… will they again do the Police Verification (Local police and LIU) and then issue the PCC or they can issue the PCC without Police Verification and all.

    Many thanks in advance.
    This is really really urgent… so kindly share your experience and valuable suggestion.

    AS Bhadauria

  126. URGENTTTT !!! Plz anybody can confirm if spouse name to be added in passport is mandatory to obtain PCC certificate. Is there any way out? We hold marriage certificate. Our passports are dated before our marriage date since we were recently married. I understand, PCC does not contain anywhere on the marital status of a person including the one that is stamped on the passport. Why it’s required then ??

  127. i selected in kuwait they want pic now i am in saudi arabia before 4 months i did passport for my new born baby so please tell me how much time it take for PCC

  128. hi..
    my case is a complicated one. From past 8 months i am living with my sister in Delhi. I don’t have any address proof from Delhi. i basically belongs to UP but not residing there from last 10 years. all documents possess UP address. Passport was issued from Jiapur, Rajasthan from where I completed my studies. how can I get PCC from Delhi for visa?

  129. Hi, any idea if pcc needed from India for 16 year old son for Kuwait dependent/ family visa? His PP was issued two months ago with Police verification and all the procedure. Please advise.

  130. Hello,

    I just opened my bank account in a govt bank to show it as address proof. Though i have 5 year old private bank account but their process to get the address change is very tedious. So can i new account’s photo passbook work?
    Please help me with my query.


  131. Hi ,

    My brother is currently in Spain last 3 hrs. & Want to apply for visa in Spain . Need PCC from India. I spoke with local police in told person should be present for applying PCC . Or Can apply for Spain Indian embassy. But when spoke with Spain Indian embassy they told apply from Mumbai. Can any 1 help me how to apply from Spain for PCC. I have already checked Spain Indian embassy online form but there is confusion.

  132. Good Day,

    I have one query. There is one case running at civil court (Sect 498A, 420, 500) against my cousin. Hearing is going on its almost 5 years now.

    Now he has to apply for PR visa for Canada. Do this case will create obstacle for applying Visa procedure or movement to Canada.

    If yes any suggestion here.

  133. PCC for passport L8353157 is ready. Visit Passport Seva Kendra/Regional Passport Office with original passport and Acknowledgement Letter to collect the same.

  134. Regarding PCC.I have already applied. Status is showing Police verification. However i am not physically present and i cannot come to take my PCC personally at the PSK. I badly need my PCC for residence permit as i am married in another country. Is there anything that can be done.

  135. hey,
    so i got done with the police verification a week ago and i was told in the psk thane that i will get an sms to come and collect the stamp.
    but i haven’t got an sms yet.
    and also even if i go directly the security might even let me in since i dont have an appointment and nor the message.

  136. If a minor below 5 year applied for passport , does it require police verification . Parents passport copies already submitted . Mother has same address yet father has different address tab passport

  137. Request you to Guide me regarding PCC for USA.

    i need to get my PCC from the passport office as well as from my local police station as i am married to US citizen .

    Do they stamp on my passport while issuing PCC from passport office ?
    and what local police station will provide me ? is it a confirmation from police station ?

  138. Hi Manshu….

    I got my fresh passport last June from Patna. Police verification were done there itself. I have been studying here in Bangalore since last 2 years. I live in the university campus as it’s residential university. I can get bonafide certificate from my course coordinator indicating that I bear good moral character.

    So, my question is that… Is it possible to get PCC in Bangalore without police verification ?

    Is bonafide certificate and identity card enough for residential proof?

    Please reply me. It’s urgent.

    Thank you

  139. Dear all,
    I have some doubt on the PCC process. I had already got the PCC done from chennai last year. The same got expired as per 6 months validity period. Can you guys let me know, if new pcc needs to be done from pune location,how long it might take. Will it have police verification once again? What are the documents to be submitted for the same as there is no local documents for pune. Kindly help.

  140. Hii I need a PCC in Hyderabad .And my passport issue from Uttarakhand.i have a address proof Bank account I m staying with my relatives so can I get PCC here

  141. We are in too much distress because of PCC not getting issued from last 1month and we need it urgently. Our passport is 7 years old and address mentioned in that is of Shimla, H.P. But now we have purchased flat in Noida and start living there from past 10months. We applied for PCC online and mentioned our Noida’s flat address as permanent and current address both. Now the police official took bribe from us when visited our house for verification on the account that we have been living for less than 1 year at this address. As we need this on urgent basis we didn’t argue and gave him the money little lesser than what he asked for (considering our case is genuine). After 4 weeks of waiting we got to know that he has still sent an adverse report and now our status says police has send an adverse report contact RPO. Now we don’t have time to initiate the entire process again and not sure how this will be resolve. Is 12months of continuous stay is mandatory for PCC? Is there something we can do to expedite the process? Please guide.

  142. I am going to spain as student. apart from the PCC the spain visa also required criminal record certificate?? any idea how I can get this?

  143. Dear Editor,
    I need to get a PCC for USA Green Card. My Lawyer has informed me that the rules have changed and if you have lived in a place for more than 6 months in India then you need to get a PCC from all those places. I now live in Delhi, but my past residences have been Chennai, Bangalore and Meerut where I have lived for more than 6 months. How do I go about arranging the PCC from all these places. I don’t have any link (Chennai and Bangalore) or have remote relatives (Meerut) in these places because I either studied there and was in hostel or in a rented accommodation. What do I do? Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    Best regards,

  144. Hii, I got married 8 months ago. I need a PCC for canadian immigration. I dont have any documents for my new address (in-laws place), except for a marriage certificate. I have two queries.
    1) Can a marriage certificate act as a valid document for new address???
    2) Do i need PCC from both places- my parents’ place and my inlaws’ place???
    please help.

  145. Hi,
    I am 28 years old.I have been residing in my current address in Delhi from 1996 but the time period mentioned in the issued PCC is from June 2010 till date because I provided the photocopy of my passport which was issued in 2010.
    Please let me know if it could create any problem while applying for emigration in Canada.

  146. Hi, I want PCC for visa in Kuwait…my native is in Kerala…but I HV been staying in Hyderabad for last 2 yrs…also I changed my passport address,bank address everything to Hyderabad address..but it’s a rental flat… So can i done my PCC in Hyderabad itself….or I need to go Kerala.. Also pls tell me wt r the documents I need to show for PCC to do in Hyderabad itself ….

  147. Hi, I need PCC for student visa in Ireland. My current address is the same address which is mentioned on my passport, and I got my passport around 1 year back and it was made on Tatkal basis. So what are the documents do I need to get PCC and how much time will they take to provide PCC..?
    Please help !!

  148. Hi Manshu,

    Hope you are well.

    I am trying for Visa of New Zealand but don’t have an offer letter from organization of NZ.
    If I am trying for PCC in advance, is Offer letter mandatory or I can apply for it without offer letter also.

    Please let me know.


  149. Hi

    I’m a student applying for visa to a foreign country for which i was requested to get a PCC. My permanent address in my passport is different from the place i was residing in for the past two years. Currently I do not have a fixed temporary residential address as i am moving from city to city. Would appreciate if i could get some help/assistance on what to do regarding the address they need me to submit.


    1. Hey tanvi did u got any reply from ur query??because i am also facing the same problem. So if u got any reply then pllz let me know it will be a great help to continue my process

  150. Hi,

    I am residing in Hyderabad for over a year and my passport has my permanent address of Rajasthan. I am going for PCC from Hyderabad only. But, I have issues with address proof. I don’t have any rent agreement or anything.
    Only address proofs I have are –
    1. Company provided letter saying I am working here since xxx on official letter head.
    2. Post paid bill but address on it is my company’s address.
    3. Bank Passbook and here also, address is company’s address.
    I don’t have address of residing place in hyd.

    Will above address proof’s work or I should get one rent agreement issue ?

  151. Hello,

    I have applied for Immigration visa to US. I was in Kuwait till the age of 18. I am not in Kuwait now, I reside in Maharashtra. They require Police clearnce certificate from Kuwait. Will it be possible to get one now since I am no more living in Kuwait. Please suggest.

  152. Hi

    I am applying for Canadian visa and need to give PCC for the same.
    Actually I am working in Chandigarh but my permanent address is in Delhi.
    I already got PCC from Delhi as my family including my wife and my kid lives in Delhi.
    I am not sure whether to take it from Chandigarh as well.
    I am living in Chandigarh at a relative place alone and weekly go to Delhi regularly hence no permanent residence.

    Please help as I have to submit documents in a month.


  153. I got a sms saying that come and collect your pcc from kottayam passport seva, is there a need to take another appointment to enter the passport seva office….please reply

  154. Hello,

    My brother is in USA since 6 year. He recently on visit to india to attend his brother in law marriage ceremonies. We stay in ahmedabad.
    Now to query is when he visited the mumbai VISA office for VISA stamping they are asking for police clearance certificate from regional passport office.

    He followed all the process but the confusion is now that once the local police station called him for the certificate and got to know that he has not visited INDIA since last 4 years how can they issue a Police certificate to him.

    Please guide us what to do in this case. We are trying to reach to the regional passport office again for further inquiries.

  155. Hi, pls help me, I’m so confused abt pcc
    i need pcc for applying for Z visa in china for that pcc is mandatory, i have registered in Maharashtra governments website and i have submitted the same documents which i uploaded online at the local police station they said they will forward it to thane cp/sp office but now I’m hearing something else i have to do from passport seva portal and all, pls gelp

  156. I need pcc for getting kuwait my passport pin code is 654789 but all the other ducuments are 654788 ,other details are correct should i get pcc,is driving licence a valid ducument for pcc address verification.please somebody help me

  157. hi,
    Im in merchant navy,..where my original passport is with the company in mumbai.
    Im from coimbatore. south india.
    Can i apply and get pcc without an original passport.
    Kindly help

  158. Hello, i need a pcc to obtained a canadian student visa, is submitting my admission letter along with all my documents enough to get a pcc w/out physical verification. I am born in hyd and got passport from same office 1 year back with physical verification done.

  159. Hi,
    I obtained my passport in 2007 from my hometown.
    I have changed my passport address last year Mar 2016 from my native place to bangalore in tatkal. I got my passport without any police verification. Now I need PCC for Saudi country to apply for work visa. Currently I moved out from Bangalore. Please suggest the best option to apply for PCC. Can I apply from my hometown?

  160. Hi,

    recently i applied for PCC and in my application status showing as “PCC needs to be collected from the Regional Passport Office”. it means is there any issue or is it fine?
    please some one suggest me for this request?

  161. hi manshu,
    I have a query for PCC. my case is different from others.
    I applied for Canada work permit, and they asked me all credentials along with the PCC. When applying for PCC they asking me to get a job offer letter first.
    now tell me what are the best way to get an PCC before getting the job offer letter?
    thanks regard.

  162. I need PCC for applying to visa my passport is issued on 2010 but my permanent address in passport is different from the address how much time it will take to get it and PCC applying requirements

  163. hi manshu,
    I have a query for PCC. my case is different from others.
    I applied for Canada work permit, and they asked me all credentials along with the PCC. When applying for PCC they asking me to get a job offer letter first.
    now tell me what are the best way to get an PCC before getting the job offer letter?
    thanks regard.

  164. Hello –
    I have received the PCC police certificate only. However they did not stamp my passport? Will this create an issue for me? Also do I need to redo the whole process to get it stamped or can I simply go back? I noticed on the line they did not stamp anyone else’s passports either but just the paper certificate. Any info on this would be truly appreciated. Thankyou.

  165. I need to get PCC for my immigration visa for USA, my passport is issued on 2.3.2016. I am not in the same address and moved to my present address 5 months before. Will I be getting the PCC without having the current address proof?? I have my new address registered in my bank account.

  166. Hi i want to apply for PCC for kuwait visa.
    The problem in my case is my passport address is in my same apartment bt i was staying in 4 th floor but as of now i am staying in 1 st floor and the heck is i dont have even a single resident proof of this flat so please resolve my query asap it will be a great help

  167. Hi… i submitted my pcc on 27th Feb 2018 at indian embassy qatar. I never had pcc before, only police enquiry at the time of issuing passport in 2009. Now since i am in qatar and my passport is also with i indian embassy qatar. Its been 20 days now there is no feedback. When i enquired inquiry was cleared from my local police station ( ratnagiri ) but still stuck in passport kendra service. Would appreciate if you could tell me how more time it will take to receive my pcc here in qatar.

  168. Hey,
    My name is Rohit, I have kind of situation here, so I applied for tatkal passport and I went to appointment date and got my passport in 4-5 days without police verification and now my visa has come so how can I get my police clearance certificate asap
    Your answer would be helpful

  169. I admire people like you who take the effort and time to post such informative articles. And answer hundreds of queries! Thanks a ton!

  170. I have to apply for pcc but didn’t get any suaitable date because I have to apply for student visa and the intake is in July and I am getting late for the processing of my file. So is there is any way for tatkal pcc appointment?

  171. Hi,

    I want to apply for Australian PR and for PCC is required. My passport has my permanent address that is of Jharkhand (my Aadhar card has that address). I have been in Pune since 2014. Also I have a rent agreement of my current house till Dec 2018 but next month I will be moving with my friend for few months (until I get my visa and all processes done) . So I will be not having the address proof of her address and mostly will be applying for PCC at that time.
    So my question is what can be done to resolve the situation of address proof in this case?
    It would be appreciated if anyone could help on this.

    Thanks in advance.


  172. I have applied for australian dependent visa as my husband is on work Visa (457) But I think that they will ask for PCC. So I don’t have much time for applying for re-issue passport as it is not mentioned my martial status that i am married and even not mentioned spouse name and spouse house address.Passport Office are giving appointment of 1 month ahead from now. Can I get the same from passport office of the address mentioned in my passport and will it work for me?
    Because his passport district and my passport district is different.

    Urgent Reply need

  173. hey I do have a question. Actually I got a Passport last year and at that time also I had Police Verification. Now I wanna apply for a Visa and I am asked to get a PCC. My address is same. So how much time will it take to get a PCC ?

  174. Hi, I have applied for PCC one month before and received the same on the same day of appointment. But later I found that my passport was damaged.hence I apply for resissue of passport in tatkal category. I received the passport on 3rd day but PSK Jaipur put post police verification. Police verification is still pending. Can I apply for new PCC ? Can I get the new PCC on the same day since address on old passport and new passport is same. And they already issued me PCC on my old passport one month before.

  175. Hi,

    I filled the form yesterday but have not booked an appointment as I live in Gurgaon but I am getting appointments for my permanent address only i.e Lucknow (and well reservations are a mysterious thing)
    So anyway after submitting the form till when can i book appointment and what happens if I do not book appointment till next month?

  176. hai, i don’t have a visa right now, but i’am applying to PCC using with my proofs & passport is it correct method, are i have to wait until visa please till me.
    i’am trying to get visa from UAE waiting for that.

  177. Hi,
    I want to apply for PCC after getting married.
    Can I say my address is the same as mentioned in the passport? I have been living at that address for the past 2.5 years and submit only the Passport copy as needed by PSK.


  178. thank you so much,
    it helped me a lot and I got my PCC the same day.
    I had my present address same as permanent address.
    thanks again.

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