First Premier Bank Gold Credit Card for people with bad credit

First Premier Bank Gold Credit Card has a credit card for people with bad credit. This is one of most referenced credit cards for people with bad credit.

When you do not have good credit, there are not many options that you have. In such circumstances it is good to explore all available avenues and look at all the pros and cons. It is only natural that credit cards for people with bad credit have more fee than regular credit cards and it is wise to take a close look at these fees. In this post we look at the fee that First Premier Credit Gold Credit Card charges.

There is a total fee of $256 on the First Premier Gold Credit Card for people with less than perfect credit. This is how it breaks out:

  • Account Set-up Fee: $29.00 (one-time fee)
  • Program Fee: $95.00 (one-time fee)
  • Annual Fee: $48.00
  • Monthly Servicing Fee: $84.00 Annually ($7 will be charged to your account every month)
  • Additional card fee: $20 (only if it is applicable)

So the main thing to remember here is that this fee will be charged on your card when you get it. So if you get a credit card with a credit limit of $250, then your initial available credit will be $71 and you will need to pay up $179 on your credit card without having spent a dime on it.

Other Fee

The fee we talked about earlier was for opening up your credit card and you need to pay that for sure, on top of that when you start using your First Premier Bank Gold credit card, there may be some additional fee that you may have to pay.

  • Fee for paying late or extending credit: $29
  • Monthly account maintenance fee:  $3 per month on closed accounts with an outstanding balance of $20 or more.
  • Internet Access Fee: one time of $3.95
  • Return Item charge: $25.00
  • Auto draft charge: $11.00
  • Credit limit extension: $25.00
  • Copying fee: $3.00
  • Wire transfer fee: $5.00
  • Express delivery of card in case the card is lost, stolen or being replaced: $25.00

What about the APR?

The starting APR for the First Premier Bank Gold Credit Card is 9.9%. This can go up to as high as 19.9% in case of penalty. The penalty APR will be imposed if you default on your payments for two consecutive billing periods or two billing periods in six months. If you keep your account current for three consecutive months after this, they will restore your APR to 9.9%.

So there you have it, these are some of the fee and charges that you should be aware of while getting this credit card. Many people who have not taken credit cards meant for bad credit are sometimes caught by surprise by these charges or aren’t fully aware of the fine print and miss it completely. So be aware of such fee and use your card wisely.

If you want to read the entire fine print of the First Premier Bank Gold credit card read the full terms and disclosures.

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