Dilbert creator – Scott Adams does a poll of Economists

Scott Adams is the creator of the popular cartoon series Dilbert and he writes a very interesting blog. In fact that is the only one that I follow regularly. In fact on days when he doesn’t write, I feel disappointed.

He recently did a survey of economists to find out the views of economists, on who will be the best president for the economy – McCain or Obama. The results were published by him today on his own blog and you can go there and download the powerpoint which has got a whole lot of details about the results.

Link: http://www.dilbert.com/blog/

There is a lot of interesting information in there, let me point out to you what what I found most interesting:

  • Overall 56% economists say that Obama will be better for the economy, 31% for McCain and  8% say there will be no difference
  • According to the economists – Education, Health Care, International Trade, Energy and Encouraging Technology and Innovation are the top five issues for the economy. Mortgage housing crisis ranks 7.
  • A lot of people had commented on Scott’s blog that the survey will show Obama, more popular with economists and it turned out to be true.
  • Out of the economists who were surveyed, 48% are democrats, 17% Republicans and 27% Independents.

These were some things that I found interested, you should definitely check this out and see the details for yourself.

Manshu Verma

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