Interesting Reads – 31st Jan

There are several things that I read this week, and a lot of interesting stuff from around the blogosphere. Here are some good reads:

1. is Not Free by Moolanomy: Free Credit Report automatically enrolls you  in their credit monitoring service, for which they charge a monthly fee, unless you opt out of it. is a good resource to check your credit report but it doesn’t give you your credit score for free.

2. My Issue with Risk by The Oblivious Investor: Any time anyone talks about risk – I get interested, and this is an interesting article.

3. Help, I’m Unemployed by The Smarter Wallet: This is a very informative article and can really help someone who has hit the rough patch.

4. How Much Debt Do You Have by The Digerati Life: My favorite blog talks about calculating your debt to income ratio.

5.  Is it Time to Get Back in the Stock Market by The Penny Daily: I guess everyone is looking for an answer to this one.

6. Reduce Taxable Income by Contributing to IRAs by The Wealth Builder: This is a very good and informative article.

7. Secrets of Dealing with a Financial Crisis by MoneyNing: MoneyNing offers some data and asks – is it really so bad?

8. The Hidden Benefit of a Depressed Real Estate Market by Cash Money Life: An article that talks about property prices and taxes.

9. Using Tax Loss Harvesting to Find Dividend Bargains by Dividend Growth Investor: This is certainly a different way of thinking.

10. 3 Free Sources of Dividend Data by The Dividend Guy: Anyone interested in number crunching with raw stock data will find this post very useful.

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