Interesting Reads – 7th March

The most curious thing I saw this week was Jon Stewart’s tirade against CNBC and financial journalism in general. If anything, this video is hilarious. Be sure to check it out.

Among other interesting things in the blogosphere this week, I found stuff about what to do when your credit cards get stolen, 401(K) mistakes and such. Here are some of the more interesting things I read this week:

1. 401(k) Mistake by The Oblivious Investor: This article talks about people who pass up the opportunity to get an equal contribution by the employer on a 401(k).

2. What the Forgotten Food Crisis Means for You by Investoralist: The food crisis was in the headlines about an year ago and is quite likely it will be the next big thing after we deal with the current crisis.

3.  What To Do When You Lose Your Wallet by Cash Money Life: Patrick has sound advice on what you should do when you lose your wallet.

4. Preparing My Income Tax Return by The Digerati Life: SVB has got some practical advice on how you can organize the documents that you will need in order to file your tax returns.

5. Investing in the Stock Market? Rules to Help You Sleep at Night by The Smarter Wallet: If you are thinking about jumping in the stock markets, keep these points in mind before you take your plunge.

6. Future Stock Market Returns by The Dividend Guy: Be sure to read the quote at the start of this article.

7. Basic Four Step Plan for Your Money In Case You Are Worrying by MoneyNing: This is a simple plan that I am sure will prove effective if you stick with it.

8. My Money Mistake #3 by M is For Money: This article talks about the set back that cashing out your 401(k) causes to your retirement plans.

9. Dealing with Retirement Planning Uncertainty by My Wealth Builder: If anything, this is a sobering article about the condition that the financial markets are in today.

10. Does Debt Control your Life by Master Your Card: This is a very insightful article about the mindset and how people feel when they are in debt. Makes a nice reading and an interesting case.

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4 thoughts on “Interesting Reads – 7th March”

  1. So far so good, but if this lasts for one more year or so and continues to worsen along the way….I am not sure how we will handle it.

  2. Thanks for the mention! Agricultural commodities, and commodities in general will have great upside, as potential leader indicators for the next cycle. The problem now is knowing when that’s gonna come …

    PS love the Daily Show segment too, as you probably saw with my post on Friday.

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