Interesting Reads – 14th March

On Wednesday morning, I was surprised to see that someone landed on OneMint using the keyword — “probability of getting laid”.

For the rest of the day — I searched the whole website for interesting stuff on the website that may have been hidden from me all this time.

Turns out there isn’t any hidden fun stuff on this site that I am unaware of (which is a mixed feeling by the way). One of my posts about probabilities and risk uses the phrase – “probability of getting laid-off”.

Which brings me to the most interesting thing that I read this week. This forum board discussion which started when someone asked – “Is it easier to get laid in Europe?”

A couple of amusing things that I saw there:

“Europeans hate Americans. I think you will have an easier time finding Freedom Fries in France than getting laid. My friends, who were visiting Germany, said that if anyone overheard them speaking in English, they would hear shit yelled at them like “Go Home, Fuck You” or “Fuck Bush”. By the end of the trip, they were telling people they were from Canada just to avoid the long speeches about why America sucks.”

Most other people refuted this.

“I got laid a lot in Europe, but I was on vacation with my wife. 🙂 And we never had a problem with the locals. They don’t like our government, but everyone was really nice to us.”

On to the usual interesting finance and economy stuff, top picks from the blogosphere this week:

1. First Time To Home Buyer Credit, Cheap Property Market: Time To Buy a House: TDL discusses the benefits of buying a house in this economy.

2. Do Precious Metals belong in My Portfolio by The Dividend Guy: The Dividend Guy talks about his evaluation of precious metals and final decision on whether to include them in his portfolio or not.

3. Demographics Matter  For An Investor by Investoralist: Investoralist discusses why an investor can’t ignore demographics while making an investment decision.

4. Planning for Retirement? 5 Financial Tips for the Boomer Generation by The Smarter Wallet: Planning for a retirement? here are some tips to get you started.

5. Why Index Funds are Rarely at the Top and Why I like them Anyway by The Oblivious Investor: Mike discusses Index Funds in depth. This is a good post for those of you who invest in Index Funds or ETFs or are planning to do so.

6. Jon Stewart vs Jim Cramer by Cash Money Life: Patrick has created a good post which contains all the videos from the recent Stewart and Cramer episode.

7. Nationalization and Capitalism by The Baseline Scenario: James Kwak  presents great insights on the nationalization debate.

8. What are Treasury Securities by The Investing School: A crisp definition of Treasury Securities.

9. Steve Waldman believes Banking Industry Sick Since At Least the S&L Crisis by NakedCapitalism: Yves has this very insightful post about the banking industry and has a nice historical perspective on it.

10. Have You Been Offered an Amex Bribe by Master Your Card: Amex is offerring a lot of its card holders money to actually close down their accounts!

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3 thoughts on “Interesting Reads – 14th March”

  1. I spent a good bit of time in Europe and almost everyone I met was very friendly. It all depends on your approach. If you walk in like you own the place, people won’t respect you. And why should they?

    But if you make the effort to learn a few phrases of their language, don’t assume the know English, and treat people and their culture with respect, they will generally treat you the same way.

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