OneMint – Economy and Your Finances – March 29, 2009

Welcome to the March 29, 2009 edition of this carnival. As usual, there are a whole host of interesting entries and I want to thank everyone for their contribution.
Before you move on to the great articles here, I want to share a video that set me rolling with laughter.

On to the articles now:

Nickel presents Velocity: The “Speed” of Money posted at

Diego Cervantes presents What’s a Guy Gotta Do to Get Fired? A Rant on AIG Bonuses posted at Bankling.

Verna Morris presents Top 25 ETF Tweeples Worth a Follow on Twitter posted at ETFdb.

Deposit Accounts presents Unable to Open a Checking Account? posted at Deposit Accounts.


The Smarter Wallet presents Kiva Review: Micro Lending With A Global Reach posted at The Smarter Wallet.

Insurance Toolbox presents How to Comparison Shop for Credit Cards posted at Fine-Tuned Finances.

Darwin presents Is it Ethical to Re-Lock your Mortgage Deal when Rates Drop? posted at Darwin’s Finance, saying, “With mortgage rates dropping to historic lows, it begs the question as to whether it’s ethical to renegotiate your lock or leave your lender altogether for a new rate.

Bohden James presents 8 Easy Ways To Save Money Right Now posted at Easy Ways To Save Money, saying, “Put more money back in your pocket today. Stop letting your money get the best of you. You have to make wise choices and live frugally in these modern times or your money and debt will eat you alive. Find 8 ways to do this and the best part is you can start today.”

Money Blue Book presents Free Credit Report Reviews posted at Money Blue Book

The Digerati Life presents Discover Credit Card Rewards, Sign Up Bonuses and Holiday Promotions at The Digerati Life


Ishan Bansal presents Does it really makes sense to buy a Hybrid Car? posted at Save Few Bucks, saying, “This article has an interesting analysis to drive home the point that Hybrids do not provide bang for the buck (economically)”

Zach Scheidt presents FOMC Pulls Out the Stops – Part A posted at ZachStocks, saying, “The FOMC sent gold spiking and the dollar much lower after announcing they would buy more than $1 trillion in treasuries and other paper. The article reviews effects on the economy and strategies for profiting from the changes.”


Investing School presents Realized and Unrealized Gains and Losses posted at Investing School, saying, “It’s a simple subject but it’s often confused. Unrealized and realized gains explained.”

The Investor presents How stop loss investing can save you money posted at, saying, “A stop loss order is an instruction to sell your holding in a stock or other security if it falls to a particular price.”

Ifvat presents Junk Silver Coins – How to Purchase Silver Bullion Under Spot | posted at ifvat, saying, “I’m going to tell you about a certain type of coins that you can purchase under the spot price of silver.”

Personal Finance

Abigail Perry presents Should our economy fail? posted at i pick up pennies, saying, “It seems as though our economy is only healthy when we’re overspending. Is this a system we want to encourage? Even while damning our past irresponsibilities, politicians are urging us to bolster the economy. So if we have to be financially illogical to keep it afloat, is this system one that we should keep at all? And do we even have a choice?”

FIRE Getters presents Early Retirement Case Study – Sandy Aldridge and Dale Lugenbehl posted at FIRE Finance.

Credit Shout presents Best Cash Back Credit Cards posted at CreditShout.

PFCreditCards presents Lower Your Monthly Subscriptions Cost by Calling posted at PF Credit Cards, saying, “It’s simple. Just call to lower your monthly bills.”

MoneyNing presents Inheriting Generations of Frugal Living posted at Money Ning, saying, “Think ahead and do something for your future generations. Start saving.”

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2 thoughts on “OneMint – Economy and Your Finances – March 29, 2009”

  1. I love the video 🙂 I can’t stand car horns and think they should be limited to 4 or 5 honks per month.

    You have so many articles to go through – I just read Abigail’s at i pick up pennies and really enjoyed it. I’ve been convinced for some time that a model of unlimited growth is unsustainable and a more balanced economy is what is needed.

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