Bullet Proof Jackets For Elections

A few weeks ago I wrote about the upcoming Indian elections and how they offer an opportunity for an economic stimulus. Candidates spend on SUVs, television ads, rallies and such to promote themselves, and in turn, boost the economy.

I didn’t realize that candidates spent money on bullet proof jackets to protect themselves, when they went on to give speeches and hold rallies!

I don’t remember the last time an Indian politician was shot down at a rally, so they might be over doing it, but as long as they can create a boom — no one will complain.

It seems that they didn’t use the bullet proof vests in earlier elections because the vests were not stylish enough, but, now — these vests are stylish enough for politicians, as people can’t make out whether they are really wearing one or not.

Take a look at this Reuters clip.

All this while we were worried about trivial stuff like the global recession and pirates, while they have figured out what people really need — better dressed politicians!

Criminal Records of Politicians

If you are not satisfied with how well dressed your government representatives are — here is a website that has got some really important information that will interest you.

One of my friends forwarded me: Myneta.info, which is a website that is gathering information about the criminal records of politicians and making it available for the general public.

You can go to MyNeta.info, select your state, then your constituency and a list of candidates along with their police records gets displayed. You can then compare these results and see the criminal record of the candidates.

It is disheartening to see that so many candidates have a criminal record, but, at the same time, there are plenty others who don’t. So you could see the glass three fourths empty or a quarter full.

4 thoughts on “Bullet Proof Jackets For Elections”

  1. Bullet proof vests huh? Wow that is some pretty hardcore stuff. It’s hard to imagine that your life is in danger everyday when you’re running for political office. Never mind India, they are probably catching dozens of crazy people in the act to get Obama.

  2. First of all Congrats for your impressive new look. 🙂 people grow older with each passing day…. You growing younger, LOL, tell me the trick too 😉
    I wonder when these politicians and fashion designers will realise that threat to “netas” are equally high below the chest too and design pair of pants or “dhoti” to give another philip to sinking economy. =))

  3. This was a real interesting article! What the politicians don’t realize is that no bullet proof jacket will save them from shoes being thrown at them! I don’t think anyone will want to waste a bullet on these people anyway! People have found out a new way to vent their anger and w/o any rule in place for the removal of footwear, shoe ‘hurlers’ will have a field day 🙂 Unless of course, these politicians come up with a bright idea to install 8 feet high glass barricades whereever they are to give their campaign speeches. But then, what are the odds of a shoe hurler still being able to hurl his / her footwear over this too? 😀

    And and thanks for that link…..very interesting 🙂

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