OneMint – Economy and Your Finances – April 26, 2009

Welcome to the April 26, 2009 edition of OneMint – Economy and Your Finances. As usual, there are some great entries here, so read on and enjoy your Sunday!

John Russell presents 14 Auto Insurance Savings Secrets – Part-1 of 14 posted at The Low Cost Auto Insurance Guru, saying, “If you knew how this industry actually works, it would save you thousands of dollars each year on auto insurance. Want to know the secrets behind the premiums you pay? Exactly what is the ” presents Balance Chasing – is it Happening to You? posted at Credit Card Assist.

apply4-credit presents Secured Credit Cards – Hard to Get but Still Useful posted at

Leave Debt Behind presents Top 5 Ways to Get out of Debt posted at Leave Debt Behind.

Ben presents Best Deals Sites Online: FatWallet posted at Money Smart Life.

Billeater presents Electric Choice- Compare Electric Providers, Switch and Save posted at Billeater.

Matthew Paulson presents How to Choose a Good Financial Advisor posted at American Consumer News.

Debt Freedom Fighter presents Simple and Easy Methods to Reduce Your Debt Significantly posted at Discover Debt Freedom!.

Savings Toolbox presents Property and Casualty Insurance – What You Should Know posted at Savings Toolbox.

debt kid presents What Would You Do with a $5000 Interest-Free Loan? posted at DebtKid.

Handy Saputra presents Bankruptcy Repair Strategy That Will Improve Your Credit Score posted at Home Loan and Mortgage Info,

Deposit Accounts presents Keep More of Your Money: Tips for Better Banking posted at Deposit Accounts.

nickel presents How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft and E-mail Scams posted at

Jason Fieldhouse presents Great sites to use if you want to save some money (UK) posted at frieeend!.

Sarah Scrafford presents 100 Lectures That Will Teach You to Be Rich posted at Clear View Education Blog.

Tisha Tolar presents Press Release: Empowering Mom Blog Gearing up To Celebrate Mom in the Month of May – Monday Giveaways! posted at Empowering Mom.

Billeater presents Beyond the Basics- Dig Deeper and Save Money posted at Billeater.

Ben presents Credit reports and Credit Scores – Choosing the Best one for You posted at Money Smart Life.

Matthew Paulson presents Can Penny Pinching Go too Far? posted at American Consumer News.


Mr Credit Card presents Business And Personal Debt posted at Ask Mr Credit Card.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents YNAB (You Need A Budget) Personal Budget Software Is 10% Off posted at The Digerati Life

PicktheBrain presents Is a College Education Worth a Lifetime of Debt? posted at School Loans.

Summer Munyon presents First Time Homebuyers Qualify For An $8,000 Gift posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, “The First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit. People want to know what it is, where is the information on the program, who qualifies (meaning even if you have owned a home previously you might qualify), and what resources exist for people to find out more.”


Dorian Wales presents The Japanese Banking Crisis of the 1990’s: Are We Facing a Similar Stagnation? posted at The Personal Financier, saying, “What can we learn from the 1990’s Japanese banking crisis and the long slump in the Japanese stock market? Are we facing a similar scenario?”

The Investor presents Why have bank shares risen so far, so fast? posted at, saying, “What do these results really tell us about bank earnings, and about the sustainability of the recent stock market rally?”

Wren Caulfield presents A Macro Perspective: One way war keeps poor people poor posted at True Adventures in Money Hacking, saying, “Informed opinion piece about the monetary costs of war on individual citizens.”


Investing School presents OptionsXpress Review posted at Investing School, saying, “OptionsXpress is great for options trading. Good commissions, free tools and more.”

Darwin presents How to Invest in Cuba – Does Obama’s Cuba Deal Spell Gains? posted at Darwin’s Finance, saying, “With Obama’s recent olive branch to Cuba, a CUBA focused Fund rallied 40% overnight. Will the trend continue?”

Dan at Everydayfinance presents 24 Dividend Increases in a Row from a Company You’ve Never Heard of posted at Everyday Finance, saying, “This article highlights an obscure company that has a 24-quarter strong dividend increase streak.”

Personal Finance

Patrick @ Cash Money Life presents How Much Life Insurance Do You Need? posted at Cash Money Life, saying, “This is a question everyone should ask themselves – particularly if they have a family that relies upon their income.”

Patrick @ Military Money presents Free Tax Deadline Extensions for Military Members posted at Military Finance Network, saying, “Tips on how military members can file for a free tax deadline extension.”

PFCreditCards presents The Credit Card Debate posted at PF Credit Cards, saying, “Love it or hate it, credit cards are apart of our society.”

Alison Storm presents Cell Phone Savings: How to Get Coupons on Your Mobile posted at, saying, “If sitting down with a pair of scissors and the Sunday paper seems like an antiquated way to save money, then cell phone coupons may be a better way to go.”

KCLau presents Bad Experience of Car Insurance Claim posted at KCLau’s Money Tips, saying, “a story of bad experience with vehicle insurance claim”

Credit Shout presents How to Choose a Cash Back Credit Card posted at CreditShout.

Paul Piotrowski presents The Importance of Saving Money posted at Inspired Money Maker.

Ray presents 2009 Federal Income Tax Brackets posted at Money Blue Book.

MoneyNing presents What Drives You to Be Frugal posted at Money Ning, saying, “The reason why I’m frugal is not strictly about necessity. What is the real reason for you?”

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