Interesting Reads: May 2, 2009

The most hilarious thing I read this week were these little known Chuck Norris facts from the Epicurean Deal Maker via Felix Salmon

Little-known Chuck Norris Fact:

Chuck Norris does not mark to market. The market marks to Chuck.

More: Chuck Norris does not go bankrupt. Chuck Norris ruptures banks.

Source of hedge fund survivorship bias?: Funds that pay Chuck Norris 2 and 20 survive; others don’t.

Private equity: Chuck Norris does not believe in leverage. Chuck Norris believes in crowbars.

Investment banking: No-one defers Chuck Norris’s compensation.

Capital structure: No-one subordinates Chuck Norris. All his equity is preferred.

If Chuck Norris devised the bank stress tests, not even the Treasury Department would survive.

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