Interesting Reads: 20 June 2009

I played Chess in my college team for a year, and one of the most annoying things I encountered was that some people started walking around in the middle of a game.

Some players just start walking around in the middle of the game. It’s annoying because they are telling you that they don’t even need to be on the board all the time to beat you. Only the good players do this because if you lose doing this, you look really silly. It’s really annoying  because most of these guys end up winning too.

I spend a lot of my free time playing chess on One of the better things about playing online chess is that people can’t walk around when you are playing with them.

But, they do allow chat and so a lot of players try to get under your skin by calling you a “loser”, telling you its a “fluke”, but none till now, had found the virtual equivalent of walking. But, yesterday one guy told me that he was playing, responding to emails and watching YouTube at the same time!

That was quite something and I felt really happy that people were adapting so well to the online world in everything they do.

On to the blogosphere and the interesting reads I found last week.


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