Interesting Reads: 11th July 2009

Matthew Goldstein is fast becoming one of my favorite financial columnists. He seems quite sensible and in the short time that I have read his column, I have hardly seen him follow the herd.

His ideas are fresh, and writing — clear and insightful.

Here is my favorite post from him this past week:

Is Goldman Sachs Evil?

On to the other links from the blogosphere this week:

Paradox of Thrift for Real @ Paul Krugman

Still skpetical about banks @ Baseline Scenario

Eric Jackson on the best corporate boards @ The Reformed Broker

Earn $150 cash bonus with a WTDirect Bank Account @ The Digerati Life

30 year mortgage vs 15 year mortgage @ Dough Roller

Why a single trading strategy is insanity @ Options for Rookies

When setting up a budget, don’t overdo it @ Vilkri

Incremental Simplification of your finances @ Bargaineering

What to do when money conflicts with ethics @ Money Ning

My Adventure on Bling St. @ The Incidental Economist

If you’re in debt @ Funny about Money


Money Hacks Carnival @Personal Finance Playbook

Carnival of Money Stories @ My Journey to Millions

Money Hacks Carnival @ Blogging Banks

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