Follow up post: Will you delete my comment?

A couple of weeks ago, I had written a post presenting you with a hypothetical situation, and asked you whether you will delete my comment under that situation. Click here, if you haven’t read that post yet.

That post was based on a particular situation that I have been facing quite frequently (about once or twice a  week) in the last month or so.

I had written a post about Tata Motors Fixed Depost Plan some months ago, explaining the features of the plan, like the interest rate, tax liability etc.

It seems to me that a lot of people who applied for the plan didn’t get any acknowledgment, and are at a loss to find out how they could trace their money.

Some of these people land on this website, and shoot me an email asking me when they will get their allotment, and why it is taking so long for me to send  an acknowledgment.

The interesting part, and one that I haven’t figured out yet, is why I don’t get any such emails or comments for posts about IPOs or interest rates on bank deposits.

In the beginning when people left comments asking about their allotment status, I used to respond in the comments section, but it soon became apparent that more and more people asked the same question, and that they were not going through my response to earlier comments.

I get emails about this too, and in cases where the emails have enough information to ascertain that they are really talking about the FD, I direct them to the page of the FD itself, but in several cases the emails are vague, and so I am not sure whether they are talking about the FD or something else. In such cases, I don’t always respond because I am not sure if I could help out, and because of time constraints.

I was never quite certain on how I should handle this situation. But, since writing that post a couple of weeks ago, I have updated the Tata Motors FD Plan page to include the link to the right web page, and hope that this will help readers a bit more. As and when I get new emails about this subject, I have a standard response ready with the right explanation and links, and I will send them that.

Your comments and suggestions helped me decide the right approach. Thank you.

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