Interesting Reads 3rd October 2009

I’ve been using the Kindle App on the iPhone a lot this week. I used to read a lot of Sherlock Holmes stories in school, and found a free book on Kindle, which had a collection of Holmes short stories. I read the first one late Sunday, and have been reading almost one every night since then. They get over in about half an  hour or so, and though not as much fun, as they used to be, I still enjoy them. Much better than reading prospectuses and annual reports in any case.

Now, on to some interesting stuff I read this week, which doesn’t involve a murder or mystery.


Book Review – The Four Pillars of Investing @ The Canadian Finance Blog

How Gas Stations Make Money @ Weakonomics

Best web host for your online business @ TDL

Best High Yield Savings Account @ TSW

China is doomed @ The Dilbert Blog

How to consolidate your debt @ Dough Roller

Lifestyle inflation is about more than you @ Money Ning

A guide to remodeling your home @ Moolanomy

How the traditional rules of frugal living vastly undervalue time @ The Simple Dollar

The Economics of Models @ Baseline Scenario

The Sugar Trade @ The Reformed Broker

Derivatives Moolah @ Matthew Goldstein

Imagine when China runs a trade deficit @ Wei Gu

FHA Loans, Mortgage Insurance Premiums, and My Extra Income @ Five Cent Nickel

Adjusting for things not going the way I planned @ My Wealth Builder

My First Credit Card @ Ask Mr Credit Card


Carnival of Financial Planning

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