Interesting reads 18th October 2009

By far, the most interesting thing I read last week was: Wall Streets’ Near Death Experience, which is an excerpt from an upcoming book — Too Big To Fail by Andrew Ross Sorkin. It is an account of the days following Lehman’s collapse and was a very absorbing piece.

The other thing I’d like to highlight from last week — is the baby week going on at the Canadian Finance Blog, which was rounded up with a post highlighting other great posts from the blogosphere on baby and child raising.

Here are the other articles I enjoyed this week, and also the carnivals One Mint participated in.


MyFICO Promotional Code and Review @ The Digerati Life

How to build good credit and clean up bad credit @ The Smarter Wallet

Galleon’s Edge @ Matthew Goldstein

Roach and Soros at Buttonwood @ Rolfe Winkler

Dividend vs Growth ETFs @ ETF Trends

Seven things you should know 10/16/2009 @ The Reformed Broker

World’s Largest Diversified Mining Companies @ Money Energy

Arguments for big banks @ Rorty Bomb

Review of great and all powerful Netflix @ Dough Roller

Chamber of Commerce has it backwards @ Baseline Scenario

Weaky # 18 Saudi Reparations @ Weakonomics

Salary Negotiations @ Five Cent Nickel

Is an FHA Loan better than a conventional loan @ FHA Mortgage Blog

Diana Farrell and the White House Theory of Bank Size @ Baseline Scenario

Apparent risk and actual risk @ Seth Godin

Citi’s other prop desk @ Matthew Goldstein

Net worth calculator says dealing with emergencies is easy @ Vilkri


Money Hacks Carnival

Carnival of Financial Planning

Festival of Frugality

Carnival of cash-flow consciousness

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