Interesting Reads 31st October 2009

I finally wrapped up: Too Big To Fail. The book was great, and was more like a fiction novel rather than something that really happened.

Reading that book took a lot of my spare time this week too, and I didn’t get a chance to look at many posts. So, here is a relatively short list of interesting reads this week.


Announcing Astute Actions Inc @ Money Ning

Economic growth is up, what now? @ The Digerati Life

Baseline Scenario October 30th 2009 @ Baseline Scenario (This one is a must read)

Dear Motley Fool: Please stop spamming Yahoo Finance @ The Reformed Broker (Very funny)

GMAC: Bottomless pit watch @ Rolfe Winkler

Some people are better than others @ Seth Godin

Chase blueprint payment program review @ Bargaineering

Looking back at Indira Gandhi @ Ajay Shah

Small business financing: How to fund your venture @ The Smarter Wallet


Twenty Something Finances

Money Hacks Carnival

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