Interesting Reads 14th November 2009

Now that I finished Too Big to Fail, I am looking for something new to read. I tried out a sample of Malcolm Gladwell’s What the Dog Saw on the Kindle App, but didn’t really feel like buying it. It sounded okay, nothing bad, but not something that caught my interest. I still have the The Myth of the Rational Market unfinished, so I think I will finish that before getting on to something new.

I did read some great posts this week though, and here are links to some of the good ones from this week.

Hammer Time @ Seth Godin

National Debt: Accepting Donations @ Weakonomics

Credit Report Bumpage @ Bargaineering

Ballooning national debt @ Bad Money Advice

How to raise the next Warren Buffet @ Dough Roller

Why I allocate part of my portfolio to small cap stocks @ The Dividend Guy

0% Interest Credit Cards @ The Digerati Life

Top Online Savings Accounts @ The Smarter Wallet

China’s Secret Sauce @ The Economist


Carnival of Financial Planning

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