Economy and your Finances Carnival 22nd Nov 2009

Welcome to the November 22, 2009 edition of this carnival.

TIP Guy presents Shortlisting Five Companies for Potential Long Term Investment Analysis posted at

Matthew Paulson presents Tips for Using Your Credit Cards Wisely For Black Friday and Cyber Monday posted at American Consumer News. presents 72% of U.S. Adults Fear Online Identity Theft posted at SpendOnLife.

Peggy Stoppelmoor presents Ultimate Guide To China Yuan ETF Investing posted at ETFdb.


Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog presents How To Improve Your Credit Score – Canadian Finance Blog posted at The Canadian Finance Blog, saying, “Here are a few tips on how you can improve your credit score.”

The Smarter Wallet presents Review: Not a Free Credit Report posted at The Smarter Wallet,


Master Your Card presents Track Your Favorite Credit Card Legislation posted at Master Your Card.

David Carlson presents Inflation Controversy posted at Dual Income No Kids, saying, “This article is about the inflation controversy, or more specifically how inflation is calculated and why there is disputes about what the inflation figure really is.”

Mark Romney presents Holiday Season Spending: A Retail Sales Survey posted at Atomic Penny, saying, “Retail sales constitute 70 percent of all economic activity in the United States. With the holiday season upon us and the economy toggling between improvement and downturn, what can retailers do to capture their share of seasonal spending?”


The Financial Blogger presents 10 Trading Lessons for Free! posted at The Financial Blogger, saying, “After releasing 9 free websites to start investing in Canada last week, I have pursued my quest for free and useful resources for young investors. With the proliferation of the Internet, it is now much easier to find free stuff that is actually worth something”

Jeff Rose presents How to Qualify For a Tax Deduction on Your Traditional IRA Contribution posted at Jeff Rose.

Dorian Wales presents Dow Hits 13 Month High on Decision to Keep Aid Flowing to the World Economy posted at The Personal Financier, saying, “My fundemental reasons for concern – Low interest rates, losses regained too fast, governments fuel markets, stagnation is a real risk & trade volume is too low to support the trend.”

SVB presents EverkBank Review: Online Bank For High Yield Investment Accounts posted at The Digerati Life

jim presents 2010 Roth IRA Conversion Rules posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

BWL presents How does a Charitable Gift Annuity work? posted at Christian Personal Finance, saying, “What is a Charitable Gift Annuity and how does it work?”

Personal Finance

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Mad Gift Giving Guide posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

FMF presents Americans Not Ready for Retirement posted at Free Money Finance, saying, “The vast majority of Americans are woefully prepared for retirement.”

GLBL presents Oh, the weather outside is frightful posted at Gather Little By Little, saying, “we did everything possible to hold costs down and even though our current heating expenses are not as great, we still take measures to reduce heat loss. Here are a few of our tricks.”

Mike Piper presents Where to Rollover My 401k posted at The Oblivious Investor, saying, “For any US investors who have left their job recently, one of the biggest questions is what to do with their old 401k. This article helps sort through the three major options.”

Ray @ Financial Highway presents Frugal Thanksgiving Dinner Tips posted at Financial Highway, saying, “Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Here are some Frugal Thanksgiving dinner tips.”

Credit Shout presents How to Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe When Buying Online posted at CreditShout.

Mr Credit Card presents Chase Sapphire Card Review posted at Ask Mr Credit Card.

David presents How Much Can You Save with a 0% Balance Transfer for 12 Months posted at Credit Card Offers IQ, saying, “A chart show how much you can save with a 0% balance transfer for 12 months offer.”

Evolution Of Wealth presents Return On Equity Is Always Zero posted at Evolution of Wealth, saying, “You are always told to build up equity in your house. Have you ever looked at what the return on that equity is. It’s zero.”

KCLau presents Are You Rich in Internal Assets? posted at KCLau’s Money Tips, saying, “pay attention to the internal assets”

Peak Personal Finance presents 5 Financial Rules for Women posted at Peak Personal Finance, saying, “Good personal finance advice for women, and men also!”

Buck Weber presents Don’t Forget the Newspaper for Good Deals posted at THE BUCK LIST, saying, “While many today might not think about the lowly, archaic newspaper as a place to find anything but yesterdays news, this is a quick reminder of what you might find by picking one up.”

Finavigation presents The Right Mindset for Financial Success posted at Finavigation, saying, “For many people, the main thing holding them back from achieving the things they want in life is the way they think. People who are able to build wealth and accomplish the goals they set for themselves continuously think about the world differently than people who are complacent and find themselves stagnant instead of accelerating toward the life they want.”

Tyler Tervooren presents Marketing for Environmentalists: Sell Benefits, Not Features posted at Frugally Green, saying, “Ever started a project you were sure was going to be a breeze only to end up knee deep in a mess you never expected? Maybe you followed through and finished it anyway, but wish you’d never started?

Whether you’re just installing a dishwasher or saving for retirement, taking the time up front to really get clear about what your goal is and what you need to accomplish it will better ensure that your success is something you can be proud of because, as many of us have learned, there’s a difference between just finishing and really succeeding.”

Super Saver presents How Tracking Net Worth can be Misleading posted at My Wealth Builder.


Zach Scheidt presents Green Mountain Coffee (GMCR) Fails to Live Up to Expectations posted at ZachStocks, saying, “Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) reported a strong quarter, but spooked investors with disappointing guidance. The opportunity to short this over-priced retail name could yield substantial profits.”

Zach Scheidt presents Aecom Shars Rebound Sharply – Domestic and International Strength posted at ZachStocks, saying, “AECOM Technology Corp (ACM) reported earnings and a strong contract backlog. Infrastructure spending and stimulus programs will continue to boost profits.”

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