Weekend Links: 24th April 2010

The Goldman story has been topping the charts for the last few days, and I have a hunch that we will hear a lot more about their internal emails, which were released today.

Talking Across Cultures (With or without profanity) @ HBR: This is a great article that will be especially helpful for people who work with others from varied backgrounds.

Currency futures: An example of how India changes @ Ajay Shah: Ajay Shah writes about currency futures often, and this is a post about how the volumes in this market have grown, and how this market has evolved over the years.

Monty Hall Economics @ The Psy – Fi Blog: A fun read about the Monty Hall problem, and how probability and behavior influence our decision making.

And now, here is a funny little Monty Python video for you.

RBI to Banks: Rollover Fixed Deposits Without Penalties: If you have fixed deposits in India, then this recent change will impact you, and going through this post will help you understand the impact.

Why ULIP is a bad investment @ Value Research: Dhirendra Kumar looks at the reasons ULIP proponents gives on why ULIPs are a good idea, and then dissects those reasons to see if the argument holds or not.

Heaters: Funny post by Scott Adams about his experience with installing outdoor heaters.

How shopping lists can save you money by The Smarter Wallet

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