Updated the India ETF List post

As I looked through my older posts, I stumbled across the India ETF list page, which had a list of ETFs that can get US investors exposure to the Indian market.

I first compiled this list in June last year, and since then there have been a couple of interesting additions to this space. There was no ETF that was tracking the Nifty, which is a major Indian index, and this void has been filled by iShares who have introduced an ETF that tracks the Nifty 50, and has an expense ratio of 0.89%. This is a good thing because it gives investors an option to invest in a widely known index.

There wasn’t any leveraged ETF that focused on India, but that is no longer the case, as Direxion has introduced a couple of 2x leveraged ETFs – long and short that are focused on India.

Check out the complete India ETF list here.

One thought on “Updated the India ETF List post”

  1. I have invested INR 50K on 16-04-09 for 1yr @ 10% interest p.a
    I had deposited the duly signed up bond to Park plaza office on 20-04-10 to get back my capital amount
    I had sent them mails ( via linkintime)–they are yet to respond and yet to send my
    Rs 50K cheque payable to me

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