Shriram Transport Finance FD Scheme

Shriram Transport Finance has come out with a fixed deposit (FD) scheme, and here are some details about their offer.

The Shriram Transport FD can be taken out for tenures of 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months, and investors can either opt for cumulative or non – cumulative deposits. The minimum investment is Rs.10,000 and multiples of Rs.1000 after that.

Here is the quarterly per annum interest rate for the different durations on the Shiram Transport Finance FD.

Tenure Interest Rate
12 8.00%
24 8.50%
36 9.00%
48 9.00%
60 9.00%

As I look at the bank interest rates page to check out the current interest rate given out by banks in India, I see that most banks are paying 6.25% or 6.50% for 1 year, and up to 7.50% for 5 years, so this is clearly higher than what banks pay. The reason for that is the credit of Shriram Transport Finance is not as good as the major Indian banks, that is the reason they pay extra for raising money through a FD. In fact, Business Line said that investors with a high risk appetite should consider a FD from Shriram Transport Finance. This was back in June 2009, and the interest rates offered were higher still.

For whatever it’s worth, Fitch has assigned a tAA (investment grade) rating to this offering. Here is a link to the application form, if you are interested in this FD. You can also invest through your broker like ICICI Direct.

48 thoughts on “Shriram Transport Finance FD Scheme”

  1. please let me know the intrest rates for 3 years fd in sriram transport finance ltd and send me the
    address and phone No. of nearest branch in mahaboobnagar district, shadnagar, AP.


    1. Good to hear that Mukesh Ambani’s comapny is doing well. He’s keeping a low profile and going about his business unlike his younger sibling who’s getting embroiled in one controversy after another

  2. i am interested to fd in sriram transport & finance pvt ltd. I want guwahati office address and phone no. thanks

  3. Dear sir , I am interested to put my money in FD through your scheme for 1to 3 years . Pl send me the current interest rates offered by you .
    pl send your rate ?

  4. We deal in all types of fixed deposit as Sri Ram Transport , Ankur Drug, Unitech, JP Infra, etc if you interested to invest in Fixed deposit Schemes Please Contact me Mob No : 9990240818, Nehru Place New Delhi

    1. You can get this through a broker like ICICI Direct if you have an account. I’m not aware of their address in South Delhi, so will not be able to send that to you. Sorry.

    2. Dear Sir,
      I had made FD with Shriram Transport Finance thru ICICI direct. com online. This FD is getting matured on 31.5.2011. I would like to know – wheather this matured FD payment will be credit to my ICICI bank account thru ECS or not.
      please clarify


  5. Dear sir , I am interested to put my money in FD through your scheme for 1to 3 years . Pl send me the current interest rates offered by you . And I am in aurangabad so where can I get the form and deposit it ?


    1. You can buy this through brokers like ICICI Direct, or try and call them up directly to see who can sell this to you in Aurangabad. I’m not an agent so can’t help you much on this.

  6. sir ,
    i am invested in subiksha plan of shriram transport finance company in 2007
    now i need in money, can i get loan on these. fd it will mature in 2013

  7. Dear sir , I am interested to put my money in FD through your scheme for 3 or 5 years . Pl send me the current interest rates offered by you . And I am in Lucknow so where can I get the form and deposit it ?

    1. OneMint is a blog, and not an agent for these fixed deposits so I can’t sell you this myself. Please contact a broker like ICICI Direct or any other agent to buy this Gita.

  8. Cochin Stock Brokers Ltd (subsidiary of Cochin Stock Exchange Ltd) is definitely a good broker for trading in the equity segment of BSE and NSE as their brokerage and depository chargges are quite reasonable.

  9. I am purching a Fd in Rs 25000/ through icicidirect .com of my demat account as on 12 July 2010 but certificate not recived till date, so i request please send my cerificate.

    Account : 8501701536
    Instrument Scheme Option Amount Action
    Shriram Transport Finance Fixed Deposits CUMULATIVE SCHEME – 60 MONTHS CUMULATIVE SCHEME 25,000.00 P
    Total 25,000.00

  10. I have deposited Rs 25000/- as FD on 24/09/2010 in Shriram Tr Fin throgh the ICICI
    Pl inform me asto where I should send 15G form to prevent TDS.
    Pl also inform if TDS would be deducted on this small FD.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,

    Kumar Prashant
    Application no7062001

    1. No Form 15 G Require because the Interest of FDR less than 5000/- in 1 Financial Year

      Hemant Ohri
      Financial Advisor
      Mob : 9990240818

  11. i am busineess planner for anandrathi one of my client wants to invest 4.oo lacs in shriram fd scheme wheather 15 g is applicable

  12. Hello,
    Please kindly give me the information regarding your fixed deposit. I want to invest some amount of money in your company. My mobile num : 9028881649

    Gopinath Pal

  13. I use and ODIN Diet from Prabhudas Lilladher Pvt. Ltd. who are most reliable brokers for more than 6 decades & their research & investment advise is quite good.

  14. Hi,

    I wish you could tell me which stock investing broker you use? and charting software if any?

    any favourite websites/magazine/news letter you subscribe?

    1. I use ICICI Direct because that’s the one I started out with. I never did an analysis to see if that was the cheapest or not, but I started with that a few years ago, and since it is fairly easy to use and I don’t trade that much, so I stuck with that.

      I don’t do any charting, outside of maybe looking at data from NSE’s website in a excel sheet every once in a while. I read a fair bit, and regularly go through the Economist, Business Standard, Business India, and maybe I will write a more detailed post on what I read a little later today.

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