What is the coolest way to buy gold?

If your answer was post office, then you need a beer.

When I wrote about buying gold coins from the post office, I was thinking about how dull it would be to buy gold coins from a place like post office, but what I came across today had nothing dull about it all.

Back to my question now, it is definitely not cool to buy gold coins from the post office; could it be the bank then?

You can buy gold coins from banks too, but that is only slightly less boring than buying it from the post office. How cool is it to buy gold from people wearing ties? Not very cool.

It must be online then, right? Yes, online it must be – buying gold online has to be the coolest way of buying gold.

Sorry, wrong answer – It might be geeky / nerdy / dorky, but not cool.

Am I talking about a gold ETF then?

What’s cool about buying paper gold?

The coolest way to buy gold is from the ATM!

Yes, the ATM. Those machines that you use to get cash out of, yeah same thing.

Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace has now got an ATM machine that dispenses gold bars in exchange for cash!

Here is the video. Enjoy!

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