The Rupee Symbol, Capital Gains and Stock Valuations

Here are a few interesting links I found this week.

By now you must have seen the new Rupee symbol, and if you are interested in using it with MS Word, there is a font available that lets you do it. This link tells you how to use it. As far as I can tell, the font will only work on MS Word, and if you send the document to someone else, that person should have the font installed to be able to see the Rupee symbol.

Capital Mind has a good post and great comments on how Direct Tax Code will keep equity gains tax free till April 1 2011.

Tip Blog talks about buying stocks which are seemingly high, or waiting till the next market downturn?

The Psy Fi blog has an interesting post on Weightless Economies and story of a tax gone wrong in the UK.

Scott Adams has a post on conversations on his blog that is quite good, and touches upon how a lot of people don’t understand what it is to make good conversation. He further talks about how the Dale Carnegie course gave him knowledge that was a life-changing.

Digital Inspiration tells you how you can watch Indian TV live on your PC or Mobile phone.

TechCrunch talks about voice blogging and how Bubble Motion’s voice blogging service has 1.2 million paid subscribers in India. I didn’t even know such a thing existed.

The Digerati Life has an interesting post on a healthy and colorful diet.

Enjoy these posts, and if you have a related blog, please leave links in comments.

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