Two new Gmail features that will make your life easier

Google has recently announced a feature that allows users to log in to multiple accounts from the same browser, and it’s a really neat thing for people like me who regularly use two Gmail accounts.

This feature is being gradually rolled to all users, so if you don’t see the option on one of your Google accounts, sign in to your other account to see if the option shows up there.

First go to and sign in from the link on the top right hand side of the screen. Then click on Settings –> Google Account Settings which is present at the top right of the screen.

You should see a screen like this with an option of “Multiple sign-in”. Click on the “Change” link and follow instructions to enable this.


When you next log in to Gmail, you will see an option that asks if you’d like to login to another Gmail account. You can use that to open another account.

The next new feature is to allow users to drag and drop attachments from Gmail. If you are using the Chrome browser, then now you have the option to drag and drop an attachment from Gmail, and save it anywhere on your computer.

I really like this feature because I always find it difficult to save attachments anywhere other than the desktop, and then my desktop gets cluttered in no time. If only Firefox supported this feature….but I guess that can only be a matter of time.

2 thoughts on “Two new Gmail features that will make your life easier”

  1. I mostly use Yahoo, but I do have two Gmail accounts. I like the idea of the drag-and-drop feature. Sounds easier and more intuitive. I have Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, so I guess I could use Gmail more on Chrome. But I do love my Yahoo!, so I think it would take more than those new features to tempt me over.

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