Off topic links this week

This week I discovered Mark Suster’s blog via Fred Wilson, and it is simply one of the best blogs I’ve discovered in a while.

Mark Suster is a venture capitalist, so a lot of you may think this is not relevant to you, but I strongly suggest you give it a try because ultimately what Mark and Fred talk about can also be used by professionals working in companies, and you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to benefit from their knowledge.

Both these VCs are great bloggers, and there is a lot to learn from them, so I suggest you subscribe to their blogs, and give it a try.

I had never heard about Chamillionaire before, and I will probably never listen to his music because I’m not interested in rap at all, but I have spent the past hour watching his interview with Mark Suster, and this guy is pure genius. The video is slightly longish at an hour and 10 minutes, but it is full of insights on how this rapper grew his brand, and it’s really quite amazing.

Since we are away from investing related topics, let me share three food blogs that I follow and find really useful.

I discovered Show me the Curry a few months ago, and this is a really great food blog for any of you wanting to learn to make Indian dishes.

Manjula ji’s blog is another great place to learn Indian dishes, and if you wanted a little variety then I’ve found the Easy French Food blog to be a good place for relatively easy French recipes.

Since we are on the subject of cooking let me share this post from The Digerati Life about baking cookies and sharing them in a cookie exchange, which is a refreshingly different topic from the usual personal finance stuff on her site.

Okay, so I spoke about VCs, rappers, food blogs, cookies – am I forgetting something? Oh yeah – I forgot to tell you about the great ideas to make your home look prettier we get from the Freshome site, which is a great website with plenty of interior decoration ideas.

Now, I am done – enjoy your weekend!

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