Email Question: Tax Proof for Demat Infrastructure Bonds

What tax proof can I use If I invested electronically through a Demat account in the infrastructure bond?

I got an email about this yesterday, and there have been several comments on it as well. People are interested in knowing what they can use as tax proof when they apply for the infrastructure bonds in the dematerialized form since there is no clear communication on this.

Here is my response, which is really drawn from the knowledge of our commenters like Loney, Ajay, Briney among others:

There is a fair bit of confusion on this as some people have actually received IDFC Allotment Advice letters that can be used for tax proof.

I’m not sure why others have not received it – but it could be a matter of time when you receive it too, or your address is incorrect so you might want to check that. If you get that, then you can obviously use that.

If not, then some brokerages have advised that you can use the NSDL Holding Report from your account as proof of investment, so in the absence of anything else you’ll have to use that.

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  1. I have applied for IFCI infrastructure bond series II. The deemed date of allotment is Jan 31, 2011. I want to know where can i find the status of allotment of bonds as i have not received any mail from them and no update is available in my demat a/c

    1. I applied for IFCI infra bonds – series II through ICICI direct on Dec 16. I can download/print the tax receipt from ICICI direct but till date, I do not know the allotment status. It’s quite crazy.

  2. Hi
    I applied the IDFC infrastructure bonds -2 through HDFC securities on 31- Jan -2011. I found the status of the application as executed in Order book in the HDFC Demat webpage.
    Please let me know how to get the proof of investment for Income tax. My does not accept the eIPO order confirmation provided by HDFC securities.

  3. Hi,

    I have applied for IDFC bond using ICICI direct. I can see the bonds by following the links mentioned i.e FD/Savings->Demat Balance. But it does not give the certficate. Where can I find the application number in icicidirect website so that I can download certificate from Karvy website. Please help.


    1. Sorry Suchitra – I don’t know of a way but to actually call up their support to get the number. Some people here have said that they’ve used the holding statement as tax proof, so you can try that if you’re unable to locate the form.

      1. Thanks for the reply Manshu. I will use the holding statement for now and see if i can get the certificate copy later.

    2. You could go to ICICI Direct > IPO > Order Book. The IPO Order Book table shows the application number in the 5th column and even better, you can find a link to tax saving receipt in the last column of this table.

  4. Till date I could not get the certificate of L & T Infrastructure bond . My application NO. is 25382866.What should I do?

  5. I didn’t got certificate of IDFC Infra bond …as on today…can anybody suggest ..where to get/complaint.

    Secondly, needs to submitt IT, How to get scanned copy?

    1. Shubho has given an excellent answer to this earlier, so let me just copy paste that here again:

      “The best thing to do is to find the nearest Karvy computershare office

      ( and call them up. You can also

      check your application status on the site using your Eight (8) digit IDFC

      Long term infrastructure bond application number. this should be on the

      top right corner of the receipt of the application you got from your

      Agent. You can also try calling up Toll free 1-800-3454-001 or


      Hope this helps,

  6. IFCI infrastructure bond is closing on december 31 2010. It is a very good opportunity to claim tax exemption on additional Rs 20,000. Infra bond is better option than SIP for 5 years.

    1. Thanks Vinotha for the response of L&T infra bonds… This is really helpful to get the scanned copy for submitting as IT proff. Much apreciated.

  7. Hi Ramesh Kalra/IDFC,

    Certificate or Proof is required for salaried people as this ensures that amount invested in Infrastructure Bonds is Taxed by employer.
    Employer deducts tax for the same if proper proof is not produced. It is same as any other investments.
    I hope IDFC understands it, as majority of investors are salaried people and if this is attitude of IDFC they will not invest in their Bonds or MF and they will loses (they have already lost) their image or creditability.

  8. why do we need to give proof when we have to provide our pan no while applying for infrastructure bonds. I thoght electronic filing of IT returns was taking us towards a paperless society!

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