Traveling for the rest of the year

A small post to let you know that I will be traveling and on vacation for the rest of the year, so posting will be light, and will probably be around 2 or 3 posts in a week.

I won’t be able to respond to comments or emails as frequently either, but will continue moderating comments so that new comments do get posted on the site.

Responding to emails will be especially difficult as they build up fairly quickly, so please leave a comment instead of an email wherever possible.

Enjoy the rest of your week, and the rest of your year as well!

8 thoughts on “Traveling for the rest of the year”

  1. Hey Manshu after a long time I visited your website. Well It looks like you have turned to a full time blogger and I can see you are enjoying
    Anyway… keep up good health and wish you a very happy new year and this new year I had Greygoose with sprite. It is awesome!!!

    1. Thank you Harinee, and happy new year to you too Harinee. I’m actually glad I missed all the craziness around it – all noise which turns focus away from real issues.

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