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by Manshu on October 4, 2010

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Reader Parin emailed me asking about companies that operate in the green energy space after reading my post about the green energy space in India, so I set out to prepare this list of green energy companies in India.

There are a handful of green energy companies in India, and I could only find 5 that were listed. So, I created this post with 5 listed, and 5 private green technology companies in India.

Please don’t consider this is a buy recommendation as just being in a sector that’s promising doesn’t mean anything; ask anyone who invested in tech stocks in 2000. Also, keep in mind that some of these companies are private, and are not listed in the stock exchange.

Listed Green Energy Companies in India

Green energy company Suzlon

1. Suzlon Energy: Suzlon is of course the first company that comes to mind. They are one of the leading wind energy companies in India are one of the better known alternative energy companies in India. Here are some details from their website.

Conceived in 1995 with just 20 people, Suzlon is now a leading wind power company with:

  • Over 16,000 people in 25 countries
  • Operations across the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe
  • Fully integrated supply chain with manufacturing facilities in three continents
  • Sophisticated R&D capabilities in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, India and The Netherlands
  • Market leader in Asia, Suzlon Market Share (Combined with REpower) rose to 9.8% thereby making Suzlon 3rd * largest wind turbine manufacturing company in the world.
Green energy company Orient Green Power
Orient Green Power

2. Orient Green Power Limited: This is a company that recently had its IPO, and is primarily engaged in the Wind and Biomass energy space. Currently wind constitutes the majority of their energy portfolio, so this is another one of India’s wind energy companies. As of March 31, 2010, their total portfolio of operating projects included 193.1 MW of aggregate installed capacity, which comprised 152.6 MW of wind energy projects and 40.5 MW of biomass projects. Their portfolio of committed and development projects included approximately 815.5 MW of prospective capacity, which comprised an estimated 622.0 MW of wind energy projects, 178.5 MW of biomass projects and a 15.0 MW small hydroelectric project.

Indowind Energy green energy company in India

Indowind Energy

3. Indowind Energy Limited: Indowind Energy Limited is also a wind energy company that develops wind farms for sale, manages the wind assets, and generates green power for sale to utilities and corporates. Turnkey implementation of Wind Power Projects, from concept to commissioning. Wind Asset Management Solution for installed assets, including operations, billing, collection of revenue to project customers. Supply of Green Power to Customers. CERs (Carbon Credit) Sales and Trading. This is a listed company.

Suryachakra Power Company

4. Suryachakra Power Corporation Limited: SPCL is the flagship company of Suryachakra Group with interests in Power generation – renewable energy (biomass, Solar, hydro, Wind) and Clean Technology / Ultra Super Critical Thermal Power Plants (coal, Gas), Engineering Consultancy and Urban infrastructure development activities. Suryachakra Power Corporation Limited has established 3 wholly owned subsidiaries for setting up of renewable energy (biomass) power projects and also acquired stake in Sri Panchajanya Power Private limited, which was setting up a 10 MW Biomass Power Plant at Hingoli, Maharashtra.

NEPC India

NEPC India

5. NEPC India: This is a Public Limited Company promoted by the Khemka Group with the primary objective of promoting wind energy. This successful Group has a multi crore turnover from diversified activities in the field of Power Generation from Wind Energy and manufacture and marketing of Wind Turbine Generator (a renewable energy device).

Private Green Energy Companies in India

Azure Power Solar Firm

Azure Power

6. Azure Power: Azure Power is not publicly listed but operates in the green energy space as it is one of the solar energy companies in India. It is a solar power company, and from the website I saw that they are supplying power to 20,000 people in 32 villages in Punjab.

Auro Mirae Green Energy

Auro Mira

7. AuroMira Energy: Auro Mira is also a green technology energy company that is private, and present in the Biomass, Small Hydel and Wind Sectors. It plans to develop over 1000 MW capacity by 2012. AME is presently focusing in Biomass, Small Hydro and Wind Sectors. AME plans to invest $ 900 Million to develop, own and operate over 1000 MW in clean energy in addition to WTG manufacture and to develop over 15000 acres of energy plantation in the next five years. AME intends to foray into other clean energy technologies, solar, bio-diesel etc. in the future.

Husk Power Systems

Husk Power Systems

8. Husk Power Systems: Any guesses on what this company uses to generate power? Anyone? Did I hear rice husk? Yes, that’s right! This is truly an alternate energy company which owns and operates 35-100 kW “mini power-plants” that use discarded rice husks to deliver electricity to off-grid villages in the Indian “Rice Belt”. Check out their great coverage in NY Times.


Many of India’s cities have become bustling centers for high technology and heavy industry, but hundreds of millions of people in the countryside remain off the grid. Growing up in rural Bihar State, Manoj Sinha knew what it was like to sit in the dark. So after earning an electrical engineering degree at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and working for the Intel Corporation, he began exploring ways to turn farm waste into electricity, with the dream of building village-scale generators.

RRB Energy

RRB Energy

9. RRB Energy Limited: This company is in the field of Wind Power Generation, and is an  ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified Company. RRBEL is also an Independent Power Producer having established wind farms of aggregate megawatt capacity.

The then Merrill Lynch had invested Rs. 218 crores in this company in 2007, and that’s the time it got into the export market as well. However, since this is a private company you won’t be able to invest in it through the stock market.

Moser Baer Solar Energy

Moser Baer Solar Energy

10. Moser Baer Solar Limited: This is a subsidiary of Moser Baer that is one of the solar energy companies as well. The Group’s photovoltaic manufacturing business was established between 2005 and 2007 with the primary objective of providing reliable solar power as a competitive non-subsidized source of energy.

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