How to track your SBI mutual fund NAV?

by Manshu on March 16, 2010

in Mutual Funds

Continuing with a one day old tradition – I will talk about something I wrote in the past and leverage user comments to build on the concept.

Some time ago I wrote about using Moneycontrol to track your mutual funds NAV. This post was a response to a large number of comments I was getting from people who wanted to know the NAV of their mutual fund.

Abhishek responded with a comment telling me that Rediff has a portfolio, which is a lot better than Moneycontrol, and I ended up reviewing the Rediff portfolio tool.

Then another reader commented on that post telling me about the HDFC portfolio tracking tool, which is another good resource. Initially I thought that the tool was only available to people who held HDFC accounts, but that is not true.

This is a free tool, and anyone can register for it free. I registered with it yesterday and although I don’t understand why they need to know my complete details (even gender) to allow me to use their tool, I do think this is quite a handy tool as well.

I will not be moving to this because Moneycontrol and ICICI Direct are more than enough for me right now, but if you were planning on using a new portfolio tool – you have one more option to play with.

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