On why I am not getting a iPad anytime soon

by Manshu on April 22, 2010

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I saw this question about who was going to buy an iPad at The Digerati Life today, and I thought I’d respond to that question with a little post of my own reasons on why I am not going to get one.

Apart from the obvious reason of not having ~500 $$$ to spare – there are a few others as well.  So here goes.

1. I couldn’t type on it: I went to Best Buy last weekend, and tried out one for about ten minutes or so. I wanted to see if typing on it was like typing on a regular keyboard or not, and I found that it wasn’t. I don’t want a device on which I can’t type like I normally do. If typing on it was really easy – I would have still considered it, but that is not the case. Though it is much better than typing on the iPhone – it still doesn’t match a real keyboard, and that was something I really wanted.

2. I already have a Kindle: If I can’t type on it then the next best use for me is to read books, but I already have the Kindle, and that works fine for me as far as a book reader is concerned, so I don’t want another book reader.

3. You can’t run multiple applications: My task-bar is always littered with several open things and that’s the way I function. But you can’t do that on a iPad, and that was another big let down.

When I thought about these three things, – it became really clear that if I were to buy this – it would just be another fancy toy that I will have no real use for.

Besides this – I am not much of an early adopter of anything I have to pay for. I tried out MS Office 2010 Beta, and regularly try out Google Beta products, but all of those are free, so there is no real risk of losing out on anything.

I know that the display is great and I can certainly understand why a lot of people really love their iPads, but as far as I am concerned it is more fun watching it getting blended than shelling out cash to get one.

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