Thank you and please verify your contest entry

Please verify your contest entry, and thanks for participating

The contest here has come to an end, and I wanted to compile a list and publish on the site, so that everyone can verify that their name has been entered, and counted correctly as well.

Here is a table that shows all names. Please look for your name, and see that I’ve counted your entries correctly. If there is mistake let me know immediately, and I’ll fix it.

S.No. Name
1 Swaroop Rao
2 Swaroop Rao
3 Aditya Modi
4 Aditya Modi
5 Deepak
6 Deepak
7 Thirumalaisamy Rajasekaran
8 Thirumalaisamy Rajasekaran
9 Gaurav Malik
10 Chirag
11 Aniruddha Pathak
12 Khalid
13 Murali
14 Murali
15 Sandesh Goel
16 Sandesh Goel
17 Radha Krishan Tripathy
18 Swati
19 Sandip Mahajan
20 Sandip Mahajan
21 Kunal
22 Kunal
23 Aery
24 Aery
25 Pallavi
26 Pallavi
27 Prakash T
28 Ashok
29 Ashok
30 Chandan
31 Swanand
32 Swanand
33 Pinakin Mehta
34 Pinakin Mehta
35 Piyush Khanwalkar
36 Piyush Khanwalkar
37 Aravind
38 Jaya
39 Jaya
40 Nikhil
41 Nikhil
42 Anurag
43 Anurag
44 Sumant
45 Appaji Rao
46 Appaji Rao
47 Viral
48 Amar
49 Meetali
50 Raja
51 Raja
52 Radhika
53 Radhika
54 Bunny Singh
55 Bunny Singh
56 Vikrant
57 Vikrant
58 Srinivasarao
59 Srinivasarao
60 Sumit
61 Manas
62 Manas
63 P T Palani
64 P T Palani
65 Nisha Malhotra
66 Akhil Agarwal
67 Vitus Fernandes
68 Vamsi Goli
69 Vamsi Goli
70 Deepak Sanghi
71 Monty Shah
72 Arvind Bhave
73 Arvind Bhave
74 Ashish Gupta
75 Harsha Chandrashekar
76 Sanjib Paul
77 Vijay Kumar
78 Silvy Fernandes
79 Biju Paul
80 B. Viswanath
81 Vijayan
82 Sohini
83 Sohini
84 B. Viswanath
85 Biju Paul

I will wait till Monday evening for feedback, and select a winner after that. The winner will be selected randomly – most probably using Initially I said that the winners will be declared on 30th January but I will miss that date because I saw that a lot of you had feedback regarding double entries, and I’d rather be right than quick. I apologize for the few extra days wait.

Thank you

I’ve emailed a lot of folks about sponsoring give – aways but so far Hemant is the first one who agreed, and I was wondering if this will generate enough interest to be worth his time or not.

The response has been great, and I want to thank all of you for that. Your interest ensures that I can take these participation numbers and contact other people as well.

If you know of someone who might be interested in sponsoring something here please let me know, and I’ll be happy to contact them.

Thanks to Hemant for agreeing for this, as I know this is going to take a lot of his time, and I appreciate that.

Best of luck!

Update: Added B Viswanath’s & Biju Paul’s name at the end.

11 thoughts on “Thank you and please verify your contest entry”

  1. Wish either Mr. Bhave’s term is extended or the new appointee in his place carries the same tempo and thereby help the cause of fulfilling the dreams of innocent small retail investors.

  2. Printing money and get rich was a very interesting article. This is akin to marrying a wealthy lady and land into trouble that may occur – lifestyle, background in which you were born in, inferiority, upper hand by the in-laws and so on.

    What bothers me is that we have to carry tons of cash while going for shopping, even for basic needs. While I am not surmounting the influx of credit cards, it may not be applicable and do good for a substantial percentage of indians (for varied reasons!). Why can’t we split the Indian Rupee as in the case of stock splits? For example, 100:1, will at least reduce the burden of bulk heavy loads of cash at pocket.

    1. Wouldn’t splitting make it worse? I think the solution for the problem you describe would be issuing higher denomination currency so bank notes of Rs. 5k 10k etc. though I don’t know what other side effects that may have.

    1. Sorry, this is not you. This is Deepak Malhotra who has exactly the same comment on the FB page. I didn’t find any comment from your email address on the site ever. So please point me to where you posted your comment (paste a small excerpt from the comment) and let me know on which page it is.

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