Congratulations Nisha Malhotra!

The contest to win a comprehensive plan with Hemant Beniwal is over now, and I want to congratulate Nisha Malhotra who won it by a random draw.

I used, and it spat out number 65 which happened to be her entry. It brought a smile to my face to see that she was one of the few people who had just one entry. Are you really that lucky in other aspects of life as well?

I’ve not sent her an email yet because I thought it’d be more exciting to see her name on the site first. Hemant knows about it though, and I’ll send both of them a note and connect them through an email.

Thanks to everyone else for participating, and I’m talking with other folks, and thinking up my own ideas to do such contests in the future, so all the best next time.

7 thoughts on “Congratulations Nisha Malhotra!”

  1. Thanks Manshu. I am so happy to see my name on your website……….I couldn’t believe it first. Yes, I am lucky in other aspects too but this is my first win in a random draw!!! I am feeling great today and waiting to see the plan. Thank you once again.

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