Apply online for the SBI Bond Issue

Kapil left a comment informing everyone that  Edelweiss Brokerage is offering an opportunity to its account holders to apply for the SBI bonds online, and I thought it was a useful enough piece of information to be shared in a full post of its own.

Applying online is far more convenient than hunting for a bank branch because other readers have emailed to tell me that not every SBI branch has the forms, and some SBI employees don’t even know about the issue, and aren’t even able to point to where someone might get a form.

I haven’t come across a list of branches that will be have these application forms, so if you know of any then please leave a comment as a lot of folks are looking for that info.

Now on to something totally different.

TDS on SBI Bonds

Shiv shared another bit of useful information about TDS being applicable on the SBI bonds if the interest earned is more than Rs. 10,000.

I was not sure about this aspect because it was my understanding that TDS is not applicable to bonds issued only in Dematerialized form, but the prospectus does talk about TDS, so I wasn’t sure how this was going to work out.

Matters related to taxation always leave me scratching my head.

Any input you have on other brokerages allowing their customers to apply for the SBI bonds online, or about where one could get a form even if it is just one branch that you know about is much appreciated. Please leave a comment, and someone else might benefit from your knowledge.

12 thoughts on “Apply online for the SBI Bond Issue”

  1. what is the ticker to trade SBI bond issue (nov10 & feb11) on BSE/NSE? tried everywhere but could not find.

    1. Parth Patel who is a reader left a comment earlier telling everyone that In Odin, the NSE scrip id is 20518 for the N1 bonds (9.25%), and 20520 for the N2 bonds (9.5%).

  2. Hi, i want to invest in any 1. 1st ETF’s n 2nd SBI bond. which is better for long term. And 1 more thing is there any savings account(deposit) like thing is there where i can get interest for theese etf/bonds.

    Thanks in Adv

    1. They are really two very different things Santosh, and I don’t think it is reasonable to compare one with the other. ETFs track underlying assets like gold or Nifty, so you would buy an ETF if you are interested in taking a position in one of the underlying assets.

      SBI Bonds are debt instruments issued by SBI that pay a fixed interest rate, and good for getting a certain interest for a fixed time period. So, it’s really up to you to see what suits your needs, and what you have to do. I didn’t understand your question about savings account.

    1. Thank you for that link. I’m unable to figure out how those guys created the list, so a little skeptical in including it in the main post, but I want to thank you for sharing it, and having a list like that sure trumps not having anything at all.

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