Weekend Links: April 8 2011

Here are some good links I found this week. Before I get to the posts let me share a new site I discovered a couple of weeks ago.

The site is called MoneySights, and it’s a pretty good resource for doing stock and mutual fund research.

The look and feel is brilliant, and there is good data there as well. Play with it and let me know what you think.

This week’s links:

Franklin Templeton Family Solutions review by Hemant.

How can an investor get a common account statement at Value Research.

Cheaters causing crashes at Fundoo Professor

Of Mice and Templeton Moments at Psy – Fi Blog.

Enjoy your weekend!

5 thoughts on “Weekend Links: April 8 2011”

  1. Hi Manshu,

    Many thanks for the nice words. We feel great when we hear appreciation for moneysights.com. We sincerely hope that readers of onemint find moneysights.com useful & simple in their investing decisions.

    To the readers of onemint –
    If you have any views on moneysights’ existing level of usefulness & how it can be improved, feel free to drop in a line at hello AT moneysights DOT com. We will be happy to take suggestions how we can increase “simplicity” & “value” for our users.

    Santosh Navlani | moneysights.com

    1. My best wishes to you – you’re building a great tool that will help people make better decisions, and I’m all for that. If I get any emails or anything with feedback I’ll pass that on to you.

    2. Hey!!

      I just had a quick look at the website moneysights.com and looks good. I had applied for an invite as well. I use perfios and moneycontrol to track my investments. But, I am looking for something where i can compare various stocks and do a health check on my investments. Looking forward to your website for this.

      1. Hi Mithlesh,

        i’m glad that you liked moneysights. Thanks for your interest in applying for the invite as well.

        i just wanted to update you that there may be some delay in sending the invite from our side, as we are in the process of incorporating user feedback that we have been receiving for last 2 months. We expect to release with updated version of Portfolio soon…you should expect to get the invite in the week of April 18, 2011. Meanwhile, feel free to use FIND INVESTMENTS to discover great stocks & MFs.

        We look forward to be of value in your investing decisions.


        Santosh Navlani | moneysights.com

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