Free MoneySights Portfolio Tool Invite and Review

In the past I’ve written about portfolio tools like Rediff Money Portfolio and Moneycontrol portfolio, and today I’m going to write about a new web based portfolio tool from MoneySights.

Regular readers may recognize this name because I’ve mentioned them earlier when I used them to research mutual fund data for the post about calculating returns from mutual fund SIP.

The tool is still invite only, and they’ve been gracious enough to give our readers a special link to open an account immediately, and I’ll recommend taking advantage of that since this is a good tool, and is free as well.

You can go here and register your account.

I’ve used this for about a week, but only rigorously used it for the last hour or so, and based on that I’m writing my thoughts here.

1. Look and Feel: The look and feel of the site is simply awesome, and you will love using it. The interface is very intuitive and the response time of the site is great as well. This is an important aspect because some of you complained that Moneycontrol portfolio was cluttered. The interface on MoneySights is quite good, and there’s no clutter anywhere.

2. Mutual Fund Options: There are several very good options to analyze and evaluate mutual funds. You can enter mutual funds from a past date, and also own them as you would’ve owned them if you had done a SIP.

You can also compare the portfolio returns with Sensex over a period of time which tells you when your funds did well, and when the Sensex did better.

3. Quick: The site is quite quick to load, and even when you make changes mid-way the response times are pretty good, and overall I was quite impressed with how intuitive and quick to respond the site was.

4. Can’t add cash to the portfolio: I was disappointed to see that I can’t add cash to my portfolio – this is quite an important thing for me as I want to keep track of my liquid assets too. I’m sure there are several other people who want to do this as well.

In fact you can’t add anything other than stocks or mutual funds right now, so you can’t create custom assets or track ULIPs  on this tool.

5. Stock advice: The portfolio tool gives you stock advice in terms of “Top 5 Stocks to Buy”  and “Upside Potential”.

I’d recommend my readers to ignore this completely because I don’t quite understand how they know which 5 top stocks to buy and the upside potential of it. And though I don’t know how they are arriving at these conclusions I doubt if there is anything that can convince me of their utility. I wished there was a way to turn them off, but ignoring them is just fine as well.

There is another indicator there called “Financial Strength” and if you own a stock which is low on that then you can look at the numbers again to see if there was something that you missed earlier.


On the whole I like this tool, and I think it makes sense to create an account now, and play with it. Even if it doesn’t fulfill all your needs now they are still building it and in time it can become your primary portfolio tool.

You can go to this here and register for your account.

28 thoughts on “Free MoneySights Portfolio Tool Invite and Review”

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  2. MoneySights was indeed a very good and noble service provided by the proprietor. You can try out to get good analysis of stocks. This website is focused on the fundamental analysis of stocks and helps you find good undervalued stocks based on Value investing principles and with a kickass portfolio management tool as well. Try it out!

  3. Well , it seems is terminating the mutual fund support . I just got the email .
    I am
    Confused and sad that I ended up making a very bad choice in starting my mutual fund investment with on so many good reviews .well it’s the end of the story with Moneysights.con for me. Not sure how many other people are impacted though . πŸ™


    1. I heard the news from you and feel sad for both investors who will face inconvenience and for MoneySights as well. They must have had a sold reason for taking this step (which I’m not privy to of course).

  4. Dear Santhosh,
    I setup my account a few weeks ago. I found that Moneysights doesn’t seem to be updating SIPs made in last few days.

    Will it update future SIps or do we need to enter it manually. Hope it will do the former.


    1. Hi Pattu,

      Thanks for reaching out. All SIPs – ongoing & future – would always be updated automatically. Be rest assured on that πŸ™‚

      However, let me point out certain issues which are known –
      1. A SIP date which happens to be coming on a Friday would be added to your investments only on Monday post 11am.
      2. Even SIPs for which applicable NAV date happens to be a public holiday, you would notice a delay of a day or 2. This is because we get NAV of “T” day on “T+1” day at 10:30am in the morning. For this reason, you may haven’t noticed, your SIP investment of triggered on Day 1 would actually reflect in moneysights on Day 2 post 11am.

      We are working to minimize these delays. Hope i answered your query.

      If your query doesn’t fit in these 2 above cases, please email me on santosh DOT navlani AT moneysights DOT com.

      Thanks for using moneysights,

      Santosh Navlani,

      1. Dear Santhosh,

        I think it turned out as a 3 day delay. But it got updated when I checked today.
        Many thanks.


        1. Thanks for updating Pattu. This helps us…please do treat this as an exception. And surely we will work on cutting this delay down to a minimum.

          Santosh Navlani |

  5. Nice looking site with loads of information.

    Do you have any thoughts on the accuracy of the data on the site? I couldnot find the mathematics they use for the recommendations, and i could not find where they source all the stock price/dividend and other daily updated data. The recommendations can be only as good as the data…

    1. Hi Vinay,

      Thanks for the appreciation.

      As far as data accuracy is concerned, please don’t have any apprehensions whatsoever. You may have missed looking at the bottom of every page on moneysights (written in gray color) about sources of data. We source all MF data from CRISIL & all Stocks data from Religare Technova (A Religare group company recently re-branded as Dion Solutions). We update NAVs & Portfolio data for MFs every morning at 10:30am & monthly basis respectively. Stocks data is delayed by 3 mins.

      The recommendation methodology is available on In fact, you would find a link to this methodology from every Scheme/Stocks Financial report card available on their respective details page (the link is available towards the end of report card).

      Hope this info suffices. Feel free to reply to this comment or write to us on for any further queries.


      Santosh Navlani

    2. Santosh has already answered your question, and I only want to add that usually when I come across a new site I pick a few data points that I know I can compare with the data that the fund provides on its own website to see if matches. That generally brings up any discrepancies that might exist.

  6. Hi Gaurav, Mithlesh,

    While we were working on building this, we only had one wish. Reduce the pain of manual entry. If that is ensured, users would give a couple of minutes to view the useful analytics & recos. Probably, as both of you are saying, we have been able to do that. Thanks for the encouraging words πŸ™‚

    Santosh Navlani, moneysights

  7. Hi,
    I added about 5 Mutual Funds SIP’s and 2 lumpsums with different dates and about 15 stocks in less than 10 mins. I think it is definitely worth the effort.

  8. Hi Mithlesh, Pattu,

    Thanks for trying moneysights.

    On linking accounts bit – yes, we had this option where users can avoid manual entry and directly sync the account with moneysights. We discontinued it because percentage of users having online log-ins or PINs were negligible. Hence most users were just not able to derive the benefit from the offering. We hence had to allow manual entry. And supporting both manual & automated linking wasn’t possible. We hence have only one option now i.e. manual. And we will soon build CSV/excel option as well.

    To answer what is in it for us –
    We will keep moneysights free. We believe India’s retail investors need credible & reliable guidance for investing. while OneMint does great work on educating, we want to build technology that simplifies the actual work. There is no freemiun version like other sites. So stay tuned….you will soon know whats our financial interest if we keep it free for you.

    Santosh Navlani, moneysights

    1. Thank you .But this gonna take lot of time and effort to input the information about stocks and mutual funds manually.
      Anyway the sight gives very good information on stocks and mutual funds . comparing the different stocks from various sectors has gone very easy.many thanks for that. I think manual entry will be worth .

  9. I got this through mail. When i logged in for the first time , i got an option to add any accounts like savings ac etc but after that it dissappeared and cannot find that anymore.

    Its very difficult to do the entries manually again.I thought i could just give my dmat login details and it would find everything for me.

  10. I received my money sights invite a few days ago. The day I received the invite, when I went there I was offered an option to enter the folio no and pin of a few AMCs to retrieve information from there to Moneysights like Perfios does. I refused to do it then and then when I went back to Moneysights I am not able to get this option anywhere!

    When my friend received his invite after that this option was not available to him!

    Can someone at Moneysights let me know whats going on? Is this option removed? If so may we know why?

    Despite all the assurances offered about his feature at perfios I still think its not advisable. Any code in principle can be cracked! If the pin no is hacked no one is going to compensate us! This would be clear in the disclaimer which no one reads!

    The other question I would like to ask Moneysights is : Why do this? Why offer such a nice product free? Whats in it for you? Are you going to make services paid soon, keeping a limited free service like perfios does?
    Please dont get me wrong. I am not being critical or cynical. Am just curious.
    I love the look and feel of the site. Its great. Its bound to be helpful.

  11. I don’t know but I think its my security background that makes me skeptical about these online portfolio sites. I am never comfortable sharing my data with these sites. πŸ™

    XLS is my best friend when it comes to portfolio tracking and yes it has a side effect that needs some manual work.

    1. A lot of people are skeptical about sharing the data, and I can understand why. If doing a little extra with XLS gives you peace of mind then that’s absolutely the way to go in my opinion.

  12. I have just joined the moneysights portfolio tracker and too me currently I would give it a 5 star rating. I was using portfolio by but then the features provided by moneysights are really good. I have still not done an indepth analysis but then I have loaded all my stocks and MF portfolios and too me its a great website to analyses ur investments. Thanks for this great tool.

  13. Hi Manshu
    Thanks for the review & we are glad that you found moneysights worthy of recommending it to your readers.
    On Stock Advice
    1. We analyze a stock in terms of its financial strength as compared to its peers of the same industry. Similarly the upside potential is calculated based on the stock valuation parameters again compared to the stock’s peers. Both the parameters are represented in simple-to-understand star format.
    You can find a simplified explanation here –

    2. For a given user, we analyze the portfolio to identify sectors & market cap (mid-cap, small-cap) to which the user is over-exposed, then suggest strong stocks from sectors/market cap to which the user is not over exposed. So the suggestions do two important things
    – identify financially strong stocks with relatively good upside potential and
    – reduce risk by controlling over-exposure.

    The objective is to help users take informed buy/sell decisions that are based on facts.

  14. all these portfolio sites are ok but it is impossible to transfer data between them ? how does one export the stock / mutual fund list from moneycontrol and then import the same into moneysight ?

  15. Hi Manshu,

    Thanks for the reviewing moneysights. i appreciate your closing remarks – yes, we are building moneysights bit by bit. So readers can expect a lot in near future.

    i would like to comment on the 4 & 5th point.

    Stock Advice – our buy & sell recommendations are driven by our own algorithm. We analyze stocks on 2 key components – how financially strong the stock is relative to its peer group & how pricey or cheap it is relative to its peer group. Based on stock portfolio of the user, we recommend to sell the financially weak stock & buy strong ones which have upside potential based on relative valuation with respect to peers. In fact if you click on the link besides sell & buy, we do give reasons of that reco specific to the stock. Further, the portfolio manager also scans portfolio concentration risk w.r.t. Market Cap & Sector concentration. So you would be recommended to sell weak stocks in sector & market cap you are over-exposed to.
    The reason this feature is part of our offering is – most retail investors who buy on tips & get stuck in stocks want to diagnose their holdings & get unbiased recommendations & thats the problem we are tying to solve.

    You may not have seen recos to sell as either all your stocks would be good or you may not have added any stocks.

    Also, the rating methodology is available in faq section & specific link to it is available from a stock’s details page below the report card. You may have missed seeing it. Probably, we need to highlight that more πŸ™‚

    On Cash & other Asset classes – we are going to introduce them in another couple of months. The focus of moneysights is not just tracking but helping users gather insights & get unbiased recommendations based on a users’s current portfolio. We want to build a sophisticated portfolio management software that simplifies investing.

    i would personally request readers to feel free to share their feedback here or may send us email on


    Santosh Navlani, moneysights

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