Northern Lights, Tatas and Mobile Payments

For the few of you who noticed – this was a rare week on OneMint, where there were no posts at all.

I was busy with other stuff, and a bit of blogging fatigue also set in. Just to be clear – I wasn’t tired of writing, and was certainly not short on ideas, but the other stuff that goes on behind the scenes got overwhelming.

This involves stuff like dealing with agents spreading misinformation, getting emails about infra bond refunds, comments from misinformed readers who accuse me of being an agent and other such nonsense.

A friend told me that these are good problems to have, and it’s much better to have to deal with this nonsense, than to have no readership at all. I totally agree with that, but sometimes you just need a break, and make little changes that help you deal better.  I’m over my fatigue now or so I hope, and we should get back to schedule in the days to come.

Here are some good reads from this week.

This week I’m going to start with these beautiful nature pictures from the Daily Mail, the first one and the one about the Aurora Lights are my favorites.

Next up, Shabbir writes about how to invest in mutual funds online.

A humorous account of Sarah Khan’s holiday to Jodhpur.

Barry Ritholtz writes this funny incident about how he threw his friend’s $1,000 in the trash.Gold bugs please read!

Deepak Shenoy on a new and easy way to make mobile payments.

The Indian media gave a lot of flak to Ratan Tata, but it looks like the Tata’s are in the clear. Did the Indian media misfire on Tatas by WSJ?

Roger Nusbaum on how it’s okay to not get some investment themes, and stay away from stuff that you don’t understand.

Enjoy your weekend!

5 thoughts on “Northern Lights, Tatas and Mobile Payments”

  1. i would like to congraulate you for the write up you have been posting . Research you do in each write up is informative for all readers.Keep up the goodwork . Each individual would have his own view , if you are convinced what you are doing is right than carry on with it .

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words! What you say is true, and most of the time I follow that policy, and try not to get these things bother me.

  2. You have been wonderful in providing high quality articles and information to the readers. Especially the info-graphs and useful links impressed me a lot. But at the same time, its not possible to keep everyone happy!

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words Subodh. I’m lucky to have appreciative readers who take the time out to answer questions, share knowledge, and provide encouragement. Simply spectacular!

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