7 Layered Tea, 3-D Printing and Understanding Risk

After last week, I feel we’ve had a good week in terms of covering a wide range of topics that included fixed income, personal technology, and economy.

I think I have some pretty good links to end the week too.

Let’s start with 3-D Printing is not exogenous from the Psy – Fi Blog. I’ve linked to a post about 3-D printing before, and if you don’t know what 3-D printing is, then read this Economist article first – it will blow your mind!

Every time I think about 3-D printing – it seems like magic to me, and when I tried to picture what a 7 layered tea would look like – that seemed like magic to me too. Check out this WSJ article about 7 Layered Tea from Dhaka.

Next up, this article from Roger Nusbaum about understanding risk. I particularly liked the following snippet:

Invariably, while things are going well, like now (on a price basis, things have been going well), no one says “oh yeah, the next time the market goes down a lot I am going to get caught with too much exposure to the wrong thing and I am going to panic sell big time.” No, when things are going well people say “of course markets correct, everyone knows that, I won’t panic.”

Ajay Shah on the Freedom of Speech in Pakistan and India.

Ajay Shah has also written about Rupee trade taking place outside India extensively, and this week I read an interesting article in BeyondBrics about Rupee / Dollar Futures trading growing in Dubai.

Great post from Barry Ritholtz – How to spot a bubble in real time?

Hemant has this section where you can ask questions and I see that he addresses taxation related questions as well. I’ve been getting a lot of those lately, and I simply don’t know the answer to any of them. You can try your luck there, and check out his latest financial planning post to get a feel of answers to past questions.

That’s it for this week – enjoy your weekend!

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