Error in yesterday’s post and links

Reader Namit emailed to let me know that there was an error in yesterday’s post about income tax filing exemption.

I had written that even if you had a fixed deposit you were exempt from filing income tax, but that’s not the case. Only if you earn interest from a savings account, and that’s less than Rs. 10,000 are you exempt from filing income tax (provided the other conditions are met).

I’ve updated the post, and thanks a lot to Namit for pointing out the error. Apologies to all readers for my error.

Now, some interesting links this week.

7 life lessons by the very wealthy by Barry Ritholtz

Dirty Business at The New Yorker (Raj Rajatnam’s story)

Trading at the speed of light at The Psy Fi Blog

China: Biggest Trade Power by 2015 at Beyond BRICS

When you’re not ready for retirement at The TFL Guide

Negative comments are good for your brand at Think Outside In

Sending internet banking passwords by mail by Prof Jayanth Varma

Finally, the Economist on the slight chance of America’s technical debt default.

That’s it for this week – enjoy your weekend!

2 thoughts on “Error in yesterday’s post and links”

  1. Very interesting links Manshu. I really like the way you share information/knowledge without any selfishness be it your own articles or sharing other’s links. Thanks !

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