Pork in China, Call Centre in UK and Saris in USA

India is not the only country with inflation problems; China has its own inflation problem as well, and much like India, it’s showing up in high food prices. However, unlike India, they are worried about high pork prices. Apparently, China is the biggest consumer of pork in the world, and pork prices have risen by 40% in this year. This has the Chinese government so concerned that pork prices are finding frequent mention in their Premier’s speeches. Beyond BRICS has an interesting story on this.

BBC reports that Aegis, the Indian offshoring arm of Essar will create 600 jobs by opening up a call center in Manchester. It will be interesting to see if this trend catches on.

WSJ on an interesting start up named Borrow it Bindaas. This start up offers saris for rentals in the US. The premise behind it is that there is a big enough market in US of people who are interested in wearing saris for special occasions, but not spending a lot of money buying them.  These people can rent out saris from the website at a lower cost, and return it after the occasion.

I’ve shared Paul Adams’ presentation on the blog before, and I was really looking forward to read what he said about Google Plus because Circles is exactly what he was talking about almost a year ago. Here is the post with his thoughts on Google Plus.

He also wrote an equally fascinating post on why he left Google to join Facebook.

Devangshu Dutta has a great article on the times when cell phone charges where Rs. 16.80 / minute. Liberalization and competition have improved the choices, options and employment opportunities for many Indians, and we need more liberalization to generate even more employment and opportunities in the country.

Finally, Hemant did a brilliant post on talking heads on TV who keep predicting market trends, keep getting wrong, and come back on TV to give some more crappy advice. It’s a great read.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy your weekend!

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