Have you entered the Perfios contest yet?

About ten days ago – I opened up the Perfios contest where three lucky winners will get a free one year subscription to the popular money management software.

There are still 5 days left to participate in the contest so please do so if you haven’t done it already.

I have compiled a list of people who have already participated and I want you to verify that your name is present in that list.

If you did both things then your name should appear twice, so if you see your name missing or appear only once where it should appear twice please leave a comment and I’ll update the list.

Here are the entries so far.

(Updated List at Sep 30 2011)
1    Rajat Gupta
2    Rajat Gupta
3    Aashish
4    Ashish
5    Sivakumar
6    Ani Patharathil
7    Ani Patharathil
8    R K Tripathy
9    R K Tripathy
10    Uma Kanth
11    Uma Kanth
12    Raja52
13    Raja52
14    Alka
15    Harsha
16    Harsha
17    Aravind
18    Kiransunku
19    Kumaran
20    Vamsi
21    Vamsi
22    Manish Sep 20, 2011 7:34 PM
23    Manish Sep 20, 2011 7:34 PM
24    Vijay
25    Dr. Biju Paul
26    Dr. Biju Paul
27    Prashant Agrawal
28    Prashant Agrawal
29    Amit Tamhankar
30    Manish Sep 22 2011 at 12:17 AM
31    Rajesh Kabra
32    Rajesh Kabra
33    Kumaran Ilangovan
34    Akhilesh Shah
35    Ashish Balachandran Valiyaveedu
36    Anil Kuppa
37    Anil Kuppa
38    Parag Gupta
39    Abhinav Behari
40    Abhinav Behari
41    Chandrasekhar Joglekar
42    Ravi Kukreja
43    Anurag Sharma
44    Anurag Sharma
45    Anirban Chowdhury
46    Saumya
47    Kumar
48    Kumar
49    Sagar Biyani
50    Ams
51    Ams
52    Prashant 2011 9 30
53    Prashant 2011 9 30

Please leave a comment if you notice your name missing, and if you haven’t still entered the contest — there is still time.

9 thoughts on “Have you entered the Perfios contest yet?”

  1. Hi All – thanks for leaving a comment – I have updated the list on this page – please check that your name is appearing correctly now. Thanks!

  2. Manju,
    I have done both the things. Leaving you a comment, have registered on the perfios site and also I am part of one mints daily newsletter.

    Amit Pingle

  3. Manju,
    I have dopne both the things.
    Leaving you a comment that I have registered and also I am on one mint daily newsletter list.

    Amit Pingle

  4. Thank you…the Perfios site is exactly what I have been looking for – I really like the automatic updates and the consolidated view of our finances

    Please confirm my entry at s.no. 29 Rajesh. I had subscribed to Onemint (longback)

  5. My name is only appearing once. I did both the mentioned parts. Please check and advise.


    1. Okay, thanks for your comment – I’ll add your name a second time. I’ll publish a final list on the 5th because that’s when I’ll close the contest so you will see the final results.

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