e-Financial Plan, Buffett Interview and Solar Insectides

Let’s start out with a new product that was launched by Manish and Nandish of JagoInvestor last week.

They have launched a financial e-plan that will cover a wide variety of topics and is meant to provide direction to people to manage their finances.

They have priced it at Rs. 5,000 and are offering a Rs. 1,000 discount when you use this discount code “30DAYPLAN007”.

Please head over to their site to learn more about this plan, and evaluate if it fits the bill for you.

Next up, here is an interview that Warren Buffett did today, and while there are many things of note there, by far the most interesting thing is that Buffett says we are not in a double dip recession, and that this is a recovery. There aren’t a lot of people saying that right now, and for everyone’s sake – I hope it’s Buffett who is right.

On to some marketing wisdom now – that too from a Giant Robot Dinosaur! This is one heck of a marketing post – I have never read anything like this before, and it’s definitely worth your time and thought!

Marketing is always a smooth transition to annoying bugs, and where there are bugs, there are insecticides – but this one is solar – yes –

Back to money – Kiran has a post on Indian bank exposures to financial and retail sector, and Hemant has a post on critical illness insurance.

One last link – but promise me you won’t turn green with envy – Taiwan is giving away free WiFi internet at over 2,500 locations, and they call internet a Digital Right!

This quote from the article really amazed me:

“People feel welcome when they visit government agencies and get a cup of tea from civil servants. Now the government is offering free wireless services that I think will make people feel more welcome,” he said at the Presidential Office.

That’s it for this week, enjoy your weekend!

5 thoughts on “e-Financial Plan, Buffett Interview and Solar Insectides”

  1. Dear Manshu,
    First of all Thank You for sharing link of Warren Buffett interview. As watching interviews of such rich and big people really chance your prospective towards market. But when I clicked on the click I was redirected to the page which was showing 404 error. Could you please provide me the real link from which I can see Warren Buffett’s interview.

    Amaltas Dwivedi

  2. I would like to ask about e financial plan by jagoinvestor. Would there be a telephonic conversation or just done online nad send to us???

    1. I had quite forgotten about this before your comment and I see that the links no longer work and I can’t see the service on their site either. Maybe they discontinued it. You could go to their site and ask about it there.

  3. Warren Buffet’s interview made for a great ‘watch/hear’. Thanks for the link.
    Common sense utterances of the very rich and successful, sound like pearls of real deep wisdom don’t they?

    1. Yes, esp Buffett makes so much sense always – simple, crisp and clear. Time and again he has been proven to be right, and I hope he is right about this time as well.

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