Final Perfios Contestant List

Thank you all for participating in the Perfios contest, and before declaring the results I wanted to share the final list that I compiled and have you see if your name has been included and has been included the correct number of times.

Please go through this list, and let me know if you feel any corrections are necessary.

Also, I planned to declare the final results today, but felt that I needed some more time to have the final list out and let everyone review it, so I will be delayed and declare the final results on the coming Wednesday – I apologize for this delay.

Here’s the list.

List updated Oct 9 Sunday 844 EST

S.No. Name
1 Rajat Gupta
2 Rajat Gupta
3 Aashish
4 Ashish
5 Sivakumar
6 Sivakumar
7 Ani Patharathil
8 Ani Patharathil
9 R K Tripathy
10 R K Tripathy
11 Uma Kanth
12 Uma Kanth
13 Raja52
14 Raja52
15 Alka
16 Harsha
17 Harsha
18 Aravind
19 Kiransunku
20 Kumaran
21 Vamsi
22 Vamsi
23 Manish Sep 20, 2011 7:34 PM
24 Manish Sep 20, 2011 7:34 PM
25 Vijay
26 Dr. Biju Paul
27 Dr. Biju Paul
28 Prashant Agrawal
29 Prashant Agrawal
30 Amit Tamhankar
31 Manish Sep 22 2011 at 12:17 AM
32 Manish Sep 22 2011 at 12:17 AM
33 Rajesh Kabra
34 Rajesh Kabra
35 Kumaran Ilangovan
36 Akhilesh Shah
37 Ashish Balachandran Valiyaveedu
38 Anil Kuppa
39 Anil Kuppa
40 Parag Gupta
41 Abhinav Behari
42 Abhinav Behari
43 Chandrasekhar Joglekar
44 Ravi Kukreja
45 Anurag Sharma
46 Anurag Sharma
47 Anirban Chowdhury
48 Saumya
49 Kumar
50 Kumar
51 Sagar Biyani
52 Ams
53 Ams
54 Prashant 2011 9 30
55 Prashant 2011 9 30
56 Laxmi
57 Ankit
58 J Jaikumar
59 J Jaikumar
60 Jignesh Modi
61 Jignesh Modi
62 Jijesh
63 Jijesh
64 Indrajeet Singh
65 Indrajeet Singh
66 Saurabh Jain
67 Saurabh Jain
68 Dheeraj Sidana
69 Nikhil Kulkarni
70 Nikhil Kulkarni
71 Sumeet
72 Muppaneni Rajesh
73 Muppaneni Rajesh
74 Vitus J Fernandes
75 Vitus J Fernandes
76 Deepak Sanghi
77 Deepak Sanghi
78 Shahveer Ratnagar
79 Shahveer Ratnagar
80 GL Bansal
81 GL Bansal
82 Saumya
83 Hemal
84 Hemal
85 Jaswinder Singh
86 Gaurav Gupta
87 Vikalp Maheshwari
88 Vikalp Maheshwari
89 Naveen Goyal
90 Naveen Goyal
91 Pankaj Sulphale
92 Pankaj Sulphale

16 thoughts on “Final Perfios Contestant List”

  1. Thank you sir, my utmost gratitude for the hard work of your team, i am a regular visitor to your website indeed,
    i thought to, (out of courtsey) provide some suggestion and feedback of my own ,
    would be thankful if you could reply or recognize my suggestions
    to make this website more content focused .
    Rana Duggal.

  2. I wonder, do I have to register my name in both the ways you have suggested? It was written either of the two as far as I can remember. Because in the list I see lot of duolicate names.

  3. I already have free perfios account and have liked the facebook page of perfios.
    Let me know if you need any other details.

  4. I had registered myself on Sep 22 2011 at 12.17 A.M. I was already registered in onemint, & had registered in free edition of Perfolis on that day itself, but my entry is considered only once instead of twice in your system. Hope u will consider the same & oblige.


    1. That is because you have have mentioned about doing just one thing – there is no mention of FB in your comment and that’s the reason it has been considered only once till now.

      Anyway now I will add your name again.

    1. Hi Sumeet – did you use another name or something on the comments – I did a CTRLF and couldn’t find it on either of the posts – I guess it’s on FB. I’ve added your name anyway since I’m guessing its on FB which I didn’t double check just now.

    1. Thank you for noticing πŸ™‚

      This contest has sucked a lot of my time, and I have to seriously think about the utility of doing such things in the future πŸ™‚

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