Solar energy in Himalayas, Self Control and Learning

First up, researchers at MIT find that some of the highest levels of sunlight can be found in the Himalayas and that the cool climate makes the solar panels more energy efficient as well. This is quite contrary to thinking about solar panels in the scorching deserts, and I found the idea quite new and interesting.

Scott Adams writes that you are what you learn, and regardless of whether you agree with the idea philosophically, it’s a good principle to live by. Be on the lookout to learn new things, and combined with a good work ethic – you’re sure to be rewarded.

The Psy Fi blog on the secret to a healthy and wealthy life. A simple thing that sounds very reasonable.

Hemant writes about timing the market or time in the market.

Finally, US considers a bill that could give a visa to foreigners who buy real estate worth more than $500,000 or roughly Rs. 2.50 crores.

That’s it for this week – enjoy your weekend!

Edited: There was an error which showed the real estate amount as 500 million instead of 500,000.

5 thoughts on “Solar energy in Himalayas, Self Control and Learning”

  1. Interesting thought on the US visa. However, if I had the USD 0.5M, I would rather invest it in real estate in India, than the US. I dont think the US real estate market is going to improve anytime soon.

    1. The people they profiled were buying it more as a holiday home and not as in investment, and my guess is that that’s the segment they are targeting.

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