Free Perfios Accounts For Two More People

As you know we had a free give – away sponsored by Perfios some time ago, and 5 winners got free Perfios accounts.

There were some delays that a couple of people faced while getting their accounts, and that was primarily because I wasn’t dealing directly with Perfios but an agency that was representing them.

When their Chief Evangelist Adi found out about the delays, he stepped in and got all issues resolved with lightning speed. This was not really an issue with them, but he still took complete responsibility and got the people their necessary access.

As if that weren’t enough, he emailed me saying that he wanted to give away two more 1 year gold subscriptions for OneMint readers because he felt bad about the delay.

I’m deeply impressed by how proactive and passionate he is and I want to thank him for getting these two people new 1 year gold subscriptions.

Like last time, I used the random number generator and the two people who will get this account are:

  • 83 Hemal
  • 52 Ams

Congratulations to the two of you and I will email you shortly to connect you with Adi and get the account.

4 thoughts on “Free Perfios Accounts For Two More People”

  1. Hi Hemal,

    Good to know that you are a regular user of Perfios.

    We value every users’ feedback, be it free or paid. Am sure your suggestions have been taken up in our To Do list by our product development team.

    Do keep writing to us, we would love to hear more from our regular users.

    thanks again, Adi

  2. I am usually second time lucky 😀
    Thanks Manu 🙂

    Dear Adi,

    Your email went to gmail spam, may be because the subject “Congratulations: Winner at onemint – your Perfios GOLD account” was a bit spooky for gmail.

    I rarely review spam box but as it was my lucky day, i hit on it.

    I am a regular user of perfios, and have earlier suggested a few improvements but I guess because of being a free user, those suggestions didn’t got proper weightage.
    Nevertheless, this gold account will give me an opportunity to check out perfios in depth 🙂

    I strongly suggest you to consider full free version supported by advertisement.


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