Mutual Fund Advisory, 3D Printed Car and Russian Tycoons

First up, Hemant has started a relatively low cost mutual fund advisory service where he will examine your mutual fund portfolio and also give you suggestions on new funds. Quite a few people write to me with a list of their mutual funds and ask what I think of them, and while I don’t have the bandwidth or the expertise to evaluate your funds, this service might be of interest to you.

Next, is this amazing video about a 3D printed car – they printed out the frame of the car and it looks pretty impressive. I’m truly in awe with what 3D printing can do, and this is surely going to be a big wave in the future.

Another interesting video I saw this week was of the improved Sony robot – Asimo – pretty slick what this cute fellow can do.

On to something totally different now – WSJ had this fascinating story about these two Russian tycoons embroiled in a court case.

Equally fascinating was this story on the largest venture capital firm in the world  – I had never heard of this firm, and it was quite good education for me.

Europe is of course the big news these days and this story titled Italy’s turn to spook the world does a good job as a primer to what the Italian debt problem is all about, and why it is such a big deal.

Closer home – this fascinating article from Pakistan’s perspective on trade with India.

At home, BS writes about the government’s problem with revenues this year in this article titled about the other fiscal half.

India’s Chief Economic Adviser is interviewed about 5 books he likes.

Finally, some light humor: ultimate rejection rejection letter.

Enjoy your weekend!

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