Game Changing Kinect, Rupee FAQs and Europe Simplified

The Smithsonian blog talks about the amazing possibilities that Microsoft’s Kinect presents. I was amazed when I first saw Kinect in action, and if they really come up with one that can recognize facial expressions, and read your lips – that will be quite incredible!

The ideas discussed in that post are quite exciting and I quite like the thought of not having to fiddle with a TV remote control and just wave my hands and control the TV from a distance.

The way technology is evolving – it doesn’t sound like a far fetched idea at all.

Ajay Shah has a great post on the frequently asked questions on the rupee, very relevant and informative, especially given the massive action in the Rupee exchange rate these days. This is a good post for anyone interested in the topic and also lays out in good detail why the government can’t just wave a wand and bring the exchange rate down.

Another excellent post – this one on explaining the European debt crisis with 8 simple graphs. This one does the best job of explaining the crisis in a way that’s easy to understand and holistic.

More on Europe, the NYT has a great article titled European Crisis in Plain English that explains a lot of the complex things going on there in simple words.

Together, these two articles go a long way in building an understanding of the European situation.

The markets have been bad this year, and I think most people have seen much worse returns than the indices, and that’s true for hedge funds also. Economist reports that while S&P fell 3.8% year to date – the average hedge fund has fallen about 9%.

Business Standard reports on the huge cash mountain that India Inc is sitting on.

Finally, Hemant on how mutual funds are taxed.

Enjoy your weekend!

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