Best Balanced Mutual Funds in India

by Manshu on March 30, 2011

in Mutual Funds

A balanced mutual fund is a fund that invests in both equity and debt, and within equity it invests in large cap, mid cap, and small cap shares as well. These type of funds are meant to diversify away a little of your equity risk by exposure to debt, while maintaining decent returns as well.

In this post I look at some good balanced funds present in the Indian space, and the way I’ve gone about making this list is to select mutual funds that have been around for at least 5 years or longer, and have performed near the top of their category in that period.

Like the post on best ELSS mutual funds – this one is not in any particular order of returns, but I thought I’d order it according to expenses, and that’s only for my own ease while preparing it.

It doesn’t mean the first one is the best, and the last one worst  – there’s really no way to tell (as far as I know) what fund is going to perform the best in the next few years, and in absence of that you have to narrow down your options and then choose what appears the best to you.

With that said, here is the list of some of the best – balanced mutual funds in India.

Fund 3 Year Return (%) 5 Year Return (%) Inception Date Expense Ratio
HDFC Prudence 18.13 17.02 Jan-94 1.82%
DSPBR Balanced 11.48 14.13 May-99 2.08%
HDFC Children’s Gift-Inv 17.04 12.08 Feb-01 2.10%
HDFC Balanced 16.67 13.7 Aug-00 2.15%
Reliance Regular Savings Balanced 16.04 16.06 May-05 2.22%
Birla Sun Life 95 14.49 15.54 Feb-95 2.33%
FT India Balanced 7.78 11.85 Dec-99 2.35%
Canara Robeco Balance 11.49 11.57 Jan-93 2.39%
Principal Conservative Growth 6.32 13.32 Aug-01 2.50%
Tata Balanced 11.21 12.75 Oct-95 2.50%

All data from Value Research.

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