Europe downgrades, Japanese robot farms and Indian troubles

Yesterday I wrote about how things were getting quite in Europe, and today S&P downgraded a bunch of European countries!

The big name there is France, which is Europe’s second largest economy, but no longer a AAA country. They have downgraded 9 countries and affirmed the ratings of 7.

In Asia, the Japanese are using the Tsunami disaster to try out new things and one of the more incredible ideas is a 600 acre farm that will be wholly run by robots!

It was only a matter of time when this happened – Samsung, LG and Lenovo are launching TVs that can recognize hand gestures, faces and voice like Kinect – so very soon we will have TVs with no remotes!

Spiegel Online has a great piece on the Iran oil sanctions with a  great history on how oil sanctions have played out in the past, and this was a very insightful piece that I read this week.

Seth Godin talks about the first thing you do when you wake up and I must admit that I waste time in all of the ways he mentions.

At 7.7 millimeters – this is the smallest frog in the world – smaller than a tiny coin and the size of a house fly!

Finally, Rajeev Malik in Beyondbrics on saving India from its politicians.

Enjoy your weekend!

Update: There was an error in the post where I said S&P has downgraded 16 countries in all. They have downgraded 9 countries and affirmed the rating of 7.

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