1000 thanks, rags to riches and scary inflation

I was amazed to learn that Anil Kumar Kapila, who must be a familiar name to a lot of you here has left more than 1,000 comments on Hemant’s blog. That’s a truly humongous number, and hats off to him for writing so much without expecting anything in return.

He did a very nice post with his own life story, and I think it makes a very good read.

Another fascinating story, this one a rags to riches story of four brothers who turned a road side fruit shop into a 150 crore rupee empire. A fascinating read.

Another interesting read, this one from a CNBC (America) journalist who writes about his long career in journalism and how technology has changed it, and how Twitter has made a very profound change in the way he does his job.

A very unusual iPhone app and experiment, one that tries to influence what you dream about!

Back to some money stuff, the FT writes about how foreign investors have stayed away from India so far this year.

Ajay Shah does an excellent post on why inflation may have moderated but the inflation crisis has not ended.

And finally, these beautiful animal pictures from The Telegraph.

Enjoy your weekend!

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